Amandopondo perfume

4 out of 5 rating.

Soon I’ll record a video of my bottle from my photo which has only a drop left.

Lush made the very first ‘forum member only special perfumes’ in 2005.

This first round of perfumes were voted on by us, the Lush International customer forum members.

Lush’s head of manufacturing at that time, Hilary Jones, along with the owner and creator Mark Constantine, asked us; “If you could have a perfume made from any current product we have what would it be?”

She said “write them down, l tally them and then we’ll make the most popular six perfumes.”

The first was ‘Amandopondo’. It was made from the rose, lemon and orange combination of a popular bubble bar sold at the time called ‘Amandopondo‘ bubble bar that was sold in all lush stores from 1999-2014. The bars name had a deep meaning it for the owners.

So naturally I bought one of each of those first six perfumes. I took a photo of it way back then so that I could start the first Lush blog 🙂

Scent Family – Big Calm

Lush Big Calm Jelly was first, as a retro item, sold in stores in 2005, 2006 and then sold again on line only in Lush’s “retro’ section in 2009-2011, then remade and sold again in the online Lush Kitchen as an exclusive item four times from 2015-2017.

the scent is made with real pineapple juice (ive seen the pineapples in the lush im factory refrigerator) and coconut oil.

Lush Kitchen made the Big Calm body lotion and the solid Big Calm perfume exclusively in the Lush Kitchen in 2016 and nowhere else and at no other time than the one time only.

Then Lush introduced the Yellow Submarine bath bomb as an exclusive at the Lush Summit 2017. Now the Yellow Submarine is a regular in store bath bomb sold currently and on their mail order website.

here are some photos that i’ve taken of these products from 2006-2018

Lush Introduced their new ‘Coco Loco’ solid shower oil at the 2018 Lush Summit.

Desert Date

5 out of 5 rating. See my demo video below.

Here’s a photo of mine with my devil duckie.

it smells similar to one of my favorite Lush products ever called ‘Fever’.

desert Date is made with jasmine, sandalwood and rose.

photo below courtesy of @Lushiezzz on Instagram

this is to exfoliate and moisturize in one bar. Much like lush ‘rub rub rub’ or ‘rough with the smooth’ bar, this is made with cocoa butter and illipe butter.

here’s a photo i took of mine below

The scent is a bold floral with a slightly Woody undertone. If you’re familiar with the Lush ‘Fever’ massage bar, ‘Fever’ perfume, or the ‘mirror mirror neck cream then you’ll recognize the sexy scent.