Amelie Mae

5 out of 5 rating  See my review video below


This is delightful.  At first spray, the bright lavender is the primary note i smell.  It’s nice and strongly scented.

At 10 minutes the lavender scent dimnished greatly and now the rose oil scent is present, and to me it resembles the Lush “Rose Jam’ scent slightly, just slightly.  And there is a raspberry note present.  Quite nice.  It’s not a candyish raspberry nor a fake raspberry scent.  It remains bright and even sparkly.  it almost reminds me of raspberry soda.
At 30 minutes the lavender has disappeared completely. However, the rose,  and especially the raspberry are more present than at first spray.  In face i’d say the fragrance has gotten sweeter, in a good way.  Now it’s turned into a sticky sweet raspberry rose jam scent on the specific place on my arm that i initially sprayed it.  It’s warmer, thicker rose and raspberry now and less sparkly.  The sparkliness isn’t gone though, it’s just less so as it dries down, turning more into a “yum” kind of scent.  I can get what Simon Constantine’s daughter Amelie Mae is like, sparkly, fresh, sweet, young, and delightful.

I’m glad i was able to acquire one of these on Ebay. The crazy money i spent on it was worth it.

Razzle Dazzle luxury bath oil

This has the scent of two previous Lush products “Mumkin’ bubble bar and ‘Egg Hunt” soap.  It smells like raspberry, but there’s no raspberry in it,  it has beautiful combination of violet leaf, and lime.


See video below

Lime,Violet Leaf and Bergamot.

This is an earlier lush scent family photo before lush had made the heart bath bomb in my newer pic below. 😊

In this pic below i used a n intergalactic bath bomb with a dazzle dazzle bath oil. Here it is starting to melt. You can see how the bright glittery pink bath oil looks with the sparkly dark blue water.

 Scent Family

Egg Hunt soap


Mumkin in Love



dazzle dazzle

These debuted at Lush Oxford Street in London on April 2015, and was made by their online Lush Kitchen as well 2 months later.

One of the prettiest of the new bath oils in my opinion.  I love the color fushia.  Lush has since reformulated the Razzle Dazzle bath oil a little bit.  The original ones (like this one in the photos and video) were so saturated with color that they left a bright pink stain on the fingers which would take a few days to come off.  People’s stomachs and legs got the dye on it as well.  When i used the first one, i didn’t mind that much that it turned my stomach pink, but i didn’t buy anymore of the original ones, i waited until they re-made these.  The newer Razzle Dazzle bath oils are still a gorgeous pink color, just not as saturated with color.

Lush description:  You’ll be begging for more.  What if your hinges all ar erusting?  Razzle Dazzle ’em with splediferous raspberry ripples, bergamot and juicy persian lime.


Here’s a video i made of this crazy gorgeous little thing.