Bath Cocktail – Triple Orange

all Orange color and orange citrus bath. So I’m having a triple orange bath bomb bath cocktail. In addition to the three lushkitchen orange oil bath bombs I’m going to have some orange & lavender ‘deep sleep’ jelly with the chopped up ‘Karma’ orange and patchouli bubble bar and orange and sandalwood ‘uluru’shower gel

Here’s a recorded tub demo video of it.

As you can see at the end the water is very glittery with orange and gold glitter.

Bath cocktail – Blueberry jam

I did a blueberry/huckleberry bath cocktail using products from two different indie vendors; rock oil naturals ‘Spellbound’ bath bomb and Bath Bake Love ‘Blueberry Creme’ sugar scrub, and ‘wild Blueberry’ bath syrup.

In addition to the water feeling quite nice after the Spellbound bomb dissolved, the bath syrup makes the water and my skin silky without any kind of oily feeling.

Altogether great for my dry skin, with an overall yummy blueberry goodness wafting in the air, and some gorgeous bath art from the bath bomb. The water wound up being a very very dark blue green with blue, green and silver sparkle.