my Lush shower with Plum Rain shower jelly, Candy Rain conditioner, Silica shampoo

i will add an entry in my blog for each of these three products after i complete writing this page about using them in my shower today.

Plum Rain jelly is a Lush Uk ‘Community Favorite’ product. Lush Uk created six fun shower jellies made from the fragrances and ingredients of some of our favorite Lush products. During the first week of March lush made Yog Nog jelly, Plum Rain jelly, 29 High Street’, Golden Pear, Yummy Mummy, and The Comforter.

Plum Rain shower gel is one of my favorite Lush shower gels, so i was excited to buy a jelly made in this same scent.

The scent isn’t as sweet as the shower gel. it’s a bit more bitter, more like the Plum Rain body spray. It’s good though. Nice and fruity with that great plum-y scent. i just wish it were sweeter.

I like the shower gel more

The exclusive Lush ‘Candy Rain’ hair conditioner.

Oh my. In my haul video of all five new Lush Labs conditioners, i describe Candy Rain as being my favorite smelling of the 5 new exclusive Lush Labs hair conditioners. It smells like a vanilla milkshake. It smells like American Cream SHOULD smell like. Yum. it’s made with cashew cream, macadamia nut oil, brazil nut milk, coconut cream, almond essential oil, cocoa absolute, tonka absolute.

I was amazed that it handled my crazy hair. I’m SO impressed with this conditioner. While it doesn’t smell like candy exactly it does smell good to drink with a straw.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 rating.

I bought all four of the exclusive Lush Labs, this pink one called Silica smells like mint, tarragon and thyme. All three of these are herbs. Therefore i can see why this is a primarily herbal scent, bit of a woody note.

Silica is made for hair that is colored.

List of ingredients

it’s not my favorite smelling of the bunch. that said, this does indeed have a nice scent.

I was expecting the scent of this one to have more of a yummy factor, or floral. i expected it to smell like pink berries or pink flowers or something reminiscent of pink i guess. nonetheless i was impressed with just how well this worked on my colored hair!


5 out of 5 rating

Oi, darling, varda a new smellie? This intriguing, sophisticatedly sweet bananary perfume is sure to take your fancy. Unique, chic and unforgettable – it’s one to wear.

Originally a Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume, released under a different name in 2004.

This fragrance used to be called ‘Ladyboy’ when Lush was called ‘B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful ‘. It is made with oak moss, seaweed, violet, and some note that is banana-ish.

Lush has made three violet forward perfumes.

Tuca Tuca, Ladyboy/Fantabulosa, and V.

Fantabulosa does have an undernote of mossiness because of the oak moss and seaweed oils in it.

I would describe this scent as a fruity floral, with primary violet note, and it’s a sweet violet, but not as sweet as Lush other violet perfume Tuca Tuca.

This scent was originally made for men and women. one of Lush first unisex scents. It was wildly popular. lush made a soap, shower gel, etc of this scent.

Fabulosa is a fairly long lasting fragrance as well, staying on my skin a good amount of time before reapplication was necessary.

If you like unusual scents that are sweet, or even if you love violet, you’ll enjoy Fantabulosa.

List of ingredients

Lush North America New bath bombs! 89 (54) limited edition bombs

Lush’s New “biggest store in the world”, Lush Liverpool store released 300 new Lush products, and Lush new concept store in Harajuku Japan have released 89 bath bombs.

Lush USA are releasing 54 of 89 new bath bombs online on March 29, 2019.

Ive used 25 of them because Lush International (Uk) had them at the annual 2018 Lush Creative Showcase where i bought them, so i can add my reviews of those here this week to help you decide.

I asked Lush President/owner/inventor Mark Constantine about it since so many people are asking me about it and i wasnt aware of it.

Mark stated ‘We are celebrating the thirtieth Birthday of Mo’s invention. 1989 was the year so we will be selling 89 bath bombs.”

Each shop manager gets to chose which ones they stock.

While Mark says he assumes all will be available on the US website, im understanding from some Lushies who received bath bombs in a press package that there will be 54 bombs, not the whole 89.

Color me surprised that Lush USA are doing something like this for customers.

I’ll have to take out a loan- but ill be getting all the 25 bombs that I haven’t tried yet.

Im trying to find out how long they will be online. Ill put that info here when i get it.

Ill look all over social media to gather all the bath bombs names and add them here in alphabetical order. Then of course ill add my demos and reviews when they go on sale, i buy them and they deliver them to my house.

Keep watching here as i update continually over the next week or more.

Black Rose


Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

Bom Perignon I have this and I’ll add the info soon


Chocomint (haagenbath I think)

Deep Sleep

Fairy Trumpets

Fairy Jasmine Ill add my pics and info soon

Flower Power

Ginger Ninja

Geo phyzz I’ll add this soon

Hi Ho Silver

Honey I Washed the Kids


Lavender Giant bombshell

Pirates of the Carrageenan

Marshmallow World

Ne Worry Pas

Yog Nog

So White

Golden Pear




Karma Yantra


Sea Salt Giant Bombshell




Figaro Figaro



Seaweed giant bombshell I’ll add my pics and review and stuff soon

Fruity giant bombshell

Groovy Kind of Love

Deep Sleep


Lucky Cat



Moon Spell


Strawberries and Cream

Shijimi Butterfly

Tadaima Okaeri

Turmeric Latte

Tender is the Night

The Comforter

The Olive Branch I’lll add my info soon

Youki Hi I’ll add info soon

Yuzu and Cocoa

Lush Labs Hair Conditioners Haul

Hope this video helps. I tried to describe the scents in detail on the video. My favorite smelling ones are Candy Rain and Valkyrie.