Lush Liverpool Spa-300 new products-The Biggest Lush Store in the World!

Bigger than the Oxford Street store Lush’ New biggest store was opened recently in Liverpool England!

The shop spans three floors including a spa and is bursting with new initiatives such as an in-store florist, a hair lab offering trims and treatments, a perfume library selling exclusive fragrances and books on perfumery, and even a children’s party area where kids can play with and make products.

Here is a short video from lush.

Ill try to find others.

Today, March 15, 2019, is Opening day!

Its a store and a spa! It even has a Hair Spa section! Its even larger than the previous largest store in Oxford Street London.

300 products are being sold at this store for its grand opening.

Im going to gather as much info on the store and new products that i can and write about them down here over the next few days.

Ive scoured various social media sites and gathered this info duting the course of some days and alphabetized it. Please give me credit if you use this list as ive worked hard on it.

Im not done listing products of course, ill keep adding as i get them.

Bath melts/Bath oils



High Violet

I want a pony

Let’s get it on bath oil

One kiss


Take Flight

FUN multi purpose bars

Black fun

Flamingo fun bar


White fun



Rumba jelly


Hair care

American Cream solid conditioner

Mango Exhuberance

Poseidon styling bomb blue

Styling bomb green

Supermilk conditioning spray


Wasabi shan kui shampoo

Bath Bombs



Deep Sleep

Fairy Trumpets

Ginger Ninja

Kappa Cucumber

Strawberries and cream

Tea and Sympathy

Shower bombs

Blue pill shower bomb

Dirty body scrub bar

Red pill shower bomb

Wake up call shower bomb

Strawberry body wash

Comfort Zone


Toothy tabs

Happy Pill toothy tabs

Formula 239 toothy tabs

Mandarin Fireworks toothy tabs

Time traveler fun and tiny bmbs



V (i have some ill review itsoon)


Pansy I have some ill review soon)


Ginger (i have some ill review it soon)

Fantabulosa (i have ladyboy)

Never Ever


Prince body spray (i have some ill review it)

Sleepy naked body lotion

5 thoughts on “Lush Liverpool Spa-300 new products-The Biggest Lush Store in the World!

  1. I went today and it’s amazing there are so many products haven’t seen your whole list properly but There’s scream bath melt that looks like the scream mask from the horror franchise. Demons smells like Lord of Misrule.
    Take flights is breath of god scent
    There was thunderbolt fun. Silver bronze gold witches cauldron time machine black white apple sunset and lots of new inventive hair products
    I have a few pics not many tho but I’ll happily email them to you.

    • Also some jellies were beats which is charcoal and peppermint. Bongo and rumba.

      Shower bombs were love. A ufo shaped one can’t rememebr the name. Meditation which was sandalwood and guica wood same shape as karma. Lucky which is a small green rabbit that has patchouli in and ylang ylang I think.

      There also pirates of the caregeean bath bomb which was a grrrn treasure chest smelt well fishy in a good way maybe like big blue.

      All I bought was melusine blue skies bath bomb and the bread one that has a Japanese name and has sandalwood in it

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