Lush Kitchen Valentine’s exclusives coming!


eta: Turns out someone asked them and the clarified that they are making the regular 2018 Valentine’s things. Not exclusive or retro things ūüė¶

ETA: Feb 1 now lush is saying to keep an eye out on the website. So there very well might be something exclusive available soon at

Lush Exclusives

Still not done adding products to this list.

If you use this list-Please credit me for the list. ‚̧ԳŹ You can share the page if you want .

After i complete the list and alphabetize it, I’ll add links to my demos and my reviews of each of these products.

So i can make a little key and i can put a letter next to each of the Lush products on my list, saying whether its a ‘forum special’ exclusive lush product, or a ‘made and sold to the public for one day’ exclusive or a ‘creative showcase event’ exclusive product, or a ‘prototype’ exclusive, etc.

This list immediately below is what Lush has on their website as being exclusive.     I have photos and video demos/reviews of most of them. The list beneath this list is my list of real Lush exclusives.

1000 Kisses Deep


Bertie soap

Blueberry roulade

Coconut scrubby rhoulade

Cream of Tomato soap

Cyanide Pill bath bomb

Cloak of Invisibility bath oil


Devil’s Nightcap

Double Vitality bath oil

Flowering tea

Flowers Barrow bath oil

Flowers Barrow perfume

Furze bath oil

Furze perfume 

Guardian of the Forest bath bomb

Ginger bath oil

Green Gold soap

Windmill bubble bar

Happy Thoughts bath oil



Kerbside Violet

Lemon Sherbet shower powder

Love body spray


Mermaid Fun multipurpose bar

Odango shampoo

Oil Over Troubled Water bath oil

Orange Flower bath oil

Plum Rain body spray

Princess dusting powder

Razzle Dazzle bath oil

Sacred Lotus bath bomb

Self esteem Machine body spray

Shades of Nude

Shades of Pink

Shades of Red

Smell of Weather Turning


Sticky Banana


Ylang Song bombshell



My list

Fever soap
101 Salvations
1000 Kisses Christmas soap
25:43 perfume
29 High Street perfume
29 High Street shower gel
Amandopondo soap (not amandapand soap) 
Amelie Mae fun bar
April Showers/Icon’s Spell 
Artemis lotion
Aura Suavis (yellow)
B shimmering body oil
B scent perfume
B soap 
Bad Ass gel
Big Blue body conditioner
Big Calm body lotion
Big Calm solid perfume
Black Pearl perfume
Blue Elixir
Brightside body lotion
Brightside perfume solid
Bug Splat 
Butterball shower gel
Calacas body lotion
Celebrate Fun
Cherie Ripe
Cherie Ripe Potion
Cinders perfume

Cocktail Christmas soap

Cocktail perfume

Comforter body conditioner
Comforter Fun
Comforter jelly (yes its different than sweetie pie)
Comforting Kiss bubble bar
Comforter Spa Treatment ‘Chocolate Scrub’
Comforter Spa treatment ‘Rose Serum’ 
Consort gel
Cream and Sympathy
Creative Showcase Outback Mate soap
Crystal Ball bath bomb
Day of the Dead
Dear Santa wash card
Deer John soap
Demon in the Shower
Den Mother’s Honey Hugs
Dirty bath bomb
Divine Whale
Down the Rabbit Hole
Error 404
Flying Fox bath bomb (Down with the Hunt)
Free Andy bomb
Fun With a Twist
Funny Face Fun bar
Furze body lotion
Frosted crystal art deco perfume bottles-blue, white
Ghost Writer
GO Bomb
Golden Glitterbug
Great Bear bomb
Green Christmas shower gel
Hair Dressers Husband perfume
Hal soap
Halloween Coffin gift
Happy Blooming body lotion
Happy Blooming solid perfume
Honey I Washed the Kids jelly
HQ perfume
Iced Delight


Jingle Spells Shoot for the Stars
Jungle Fun
Jungle massage bar
Jungle tree soap
Karma Washcloud
Keep It Fluffy perfume
Keep It Fluffy Christmas soap
Keep it Fluffy candy floss wash (summit 2016) 
Ladyboy ‘colorful Fish’ soap

Ladyboy (pour type bottle) liquid perfume

Leap Frog perfume
Lemony Flutter body conditioner
Lemony Flutter lotion
Lily Savon perfume
Lord of Misrule body conditioner
Luck of the Irish bomb
Madame Butterfly
Magic Bubbles
Magic jelly

Maypole Body Lotion 

Mark Constantine’s red knickers (won a contest)
Mermaid bomb
Matroyshka Doll soap
Metropolis bath bomb
Mother of Dragons
No Animal Testing soap
One Eskimo bubble bar
Open Up Your Third Eye oil
Oops a Daisy

Outback Mate (with the words creative showcase stamped on it)

Oxford Street soap
Plum Rain body spray

Poison Girl

Ponche perfume
Revelation bath oil (Potion scent)
Road From Damascus bath oil
Roller (Spring 2016 only)
 Romancing the Stone xxl

Rose Jam shower jelly
Running Man bubble spinner
Sex Bomb lotion
Sex Bomb solid perfume
Sky79 oil
Snow Melt
So White perfume
Something Wicked perfume
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Spring Bunny
Strawberry Santa/Yummy Yummy Yummy perfume
Sultana of Skin body conditioner
Sultana of Fragrance perfume



Tisty Tosty (pink)
Two Hearts Beating as One Christmas soap
Twilight shower jelly
Washaccino shower powder
White Wedding
Yog Nog Fun
Yuzu and Cocoa perfume

Lush Retro 

All info Coming soon….

For now here’s my video about the lush changes.

13 Rabbits chocolate bubble bath

13 Rabbits  Shower Gel

13 Rabbits melt

17 Cherry Tree Lane


29 High Street Shower gel

29 High street perfume

1000 Kisses Deep

A French Kiss

A Gold Star

A Little Monkey


Absolute delight


all that jas

Almond Butter

Almond Kisses

Amandopondo bubble bar

American Pie

Angel’s Delight


Aqua Mirabilis




Auntie Pamela

Aura Suavis bubble bar

Aura Suavis shower gel


Avobunny Egg



Avoshower jelly

Avoshower shower gel

Avowash shower gel

Avowash soap

Auntie Pamela

Aura Suavis bubble bar

Aura Suavis shower gel

Autumn Leaves



Avobunny Egg

Avobunny egg



Avoshower jelly

Avoshower shower gel

Avowash shower gel

Avowash soap

B Electro shower gel

B Never too Busy to Be Beautiful

Baby Face

Back for Breakfast

Bada Bing Bada Boom


Banana Moon

Bathos bubble bar

Bathos bubble bath liquid



Beautiful P Green

Berry Christmas bubble bar





Big Bang

big big blue bath bomb

Big Calm

Big Hugs

Big Sleep

Big Strawberry

Black Magic

Black Pearl bath bomb

Black Pearl shower gel

Blackberry Bomb

Bling Crosby

Blue Skies liquid bubble bath

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds shower gel



Bom Perignon


Bon Bain Bonnard

Bon Bomb

Bottle of Lurve

Brandy Butter

Breath of Fresh Air

Breeze on a Sea Air

Bridal Bouquet

British Nanny

Bubbling Under

Buddah Bar

Bug Splat

Bunch of Carrots

Bunny bubble

Bunny I Washed the Kids

Butterball shower gel


Butterfly Ball

Cafe Latte

Calacas jelly

Calacas shower gel


Canadian Maple

Candy Cane

Candy Fluff bath bomb

Candy Fluff perfume liquid

Candy Fluff perfume solid

Candy Fluff powder

Candy Mountain

Carrot soap

Celebrate shower gel

Celebrate jelly

Celebrate lotion

Celebrate perfume liquid



Chamomile Lawn

Champagne Snow Showers bath bomb

Champagne Snowshoers perfume liquid

Champagne Snowshoers perfume solid

Champagne Supernova

Chelsea Gardens

Cherie Ripe

Chilly Bon Bomb

Ching ling Soo

Choccy Egg

Choco Bun

Choco La La

Chocolate (lip scrub)

Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Meltdown

Chocolate Santa


Chocolate Santa


Christmas Angel

Christmas Cake

Christmas Carol

Christmas Kisses

Christmas Party



Come Fly With Me Gift

Comforter body conditioner

Comforter jelly (different than Sweetie Pie)

Comforter lotion

Comforter mind the gap Fun bar

Comforter shower gel

Comforter perfume

Cosmic Dreamcatcher



Cream and Sympathy

Creamed Coconut and Almond

Creamy Candy melt



Curly Wurly

Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Damp Squid

Dashing Santa

Deep Forest Atmosphere

Deep Sleep

Demon in the Dark soap

Demon in the Dark shower gel

Demon in the Shower

Dirty Boy

Donkey Oatey


Dr. Peppermint

Draught of Immortality

Dream On

Dreaming of Summer

Dreamtime temple balm

Drummers Drumming

Dust to Dust

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair)

Easter Egg (Blue-Big Blue)

Easter Egg (Champagne Supernova)

Easter egg (Green-Avobath)

Easter Egg (Orange & Yellow – Happy pill)

Easter egg (Pink-Candy fluff)




Elf on the Shelf

Elixir bath melt

Elixir bubble bar

Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Havin’ a Bath)


Emperor of Ice Cream

Enchanted Eye Cream

Enchanted Island

English Country Bunkin

English Countryside

English Countryside Egg

Enviro Egg


Erborigian Flax

Error 404

Ex Factor

Extra Virgin Olive


Fair Trade foot lotion

Fairy Jasmine

Fallen Petals

Family Fairy Jasmine

Family Feelgood in the Southern Hemisphere

Family Ickle Baby Baff


Father Christmas

Featherweight Fruit Bar

Feel Good in the Southern Hemisphere

Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay powder

Fern Shui

Fever perfume

Fever massage bar

Five Boys

Five Gold Rings

Fizz O Therapy

Fizzy Bits

Flirt bath bomb

Flirt perfume

Flirt perfume

Floating Flower

Floating Island bath melt




Flosty Gritter


Flower Market perfume

Flower Market bath bomb

Flower Market dusting powded

Flower Market Soap


Fluffy Bun

Fluffy Egg


Flying Fox

Flying Fox

Flying Saucers liquid bubble bath

Flying Saucers bubble bar

Forever in Bloom

Formulae Known As

Fox in the Flowers

Fragrant Musketeer


Fresh Berries

Friday Codfish

Frog Prince


Frozen perfume


Fuel Solid Conditioner

Fun With a Twist



Gay is OK

Gentil Lentil


German Sausage Cleanser

Ghost jelly

Ghost bath bomb

Ghost perfume

Ghost scent family

Ghost Writer

Giants Gel

Ginger bath bomb

Ginger dusting powder

Ginger lotion

Ginger perfume

Ginger soap

Ginger Ginger Man

Ginger Man Gift

Gingerbread House



Give Peace a Chance

Gliiterbug Blue

Glitterbug Gold

Glitterbug Irridescent

Glitterbug Pink

Glitterbug Silver


GO Bomb

Go Green bomb

Go Green perfume


Gold, Frankincense and Beer

Golden Egg

Golden Moon

Golden Slumbers

Golden Wonder


Goth Fairy Sparkle bar

Goth Juice

Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb

Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar

Grass shower gel

Grass Roots

Gratuitous Violets

Green bubbleroon

Green Day

Green FUN

Green Green Bath of Foam

Green Party

Green Shoots Hair Food

Green Wing



Gumback Smoothie

Gumbo Express

H’ Suan Wen Hua


Hair Cologne

Handy Gurugu

Happy bubble bar

Happy soap

Happy 4 SAD

Happy Birthday

Happy Blooming Jelly

Happy Blooming bath melt

Happy Hippy

Happy Talk

Hard shampoo truckle

Hard shampoo bar



Heavenly bodies


Henna Reng

High Noon

Hippy Chick

Holiday Bubble (see Ruby Red Slippers)

Holly GoLightly


Honey (lip scrub)

Honey & Flowers

Honey & Yoghurt Beauty Body Wash

Honey Bee

Honey Bee Have

Honey Bun

Honey Bunch

Honey Comfort

Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Honey I Washed the Kids soap

Honey I washed the kids perfume liquid

Honey I Washed the Kids perfume solid

Honey I Washed the Kids shower gel

Honey I washed the Kids scent family

Honey Lumps

Honey Trap

Honey Waffle


Hot Java

Hot Milk!

Hot Toddy bath melt

Hot Toddy shower gel

HQ perfume



Hybrid I Should Coco
Ibiza Party Shampoo
Ice Blue
Ice Hotel
Iced Delight
Ickle Baby Angel
Ickle Baby baff
Ickle Baby Devil
Icon bubble bar
Icon dusting powder
Icon perfume
Icon bubble bar

Icon soap
Icon Gift Immaculate Eggception
In The Nude
Inhale Exhale

Into Thin Air
Irresistible Bliss
It’s a Pleasure Treaure
Jack Froth
Jasmine Fluff Eaze
Je T’aime
Jill’s Daisy
Karma pyramid bubble bar
Karma shower jelly
Karma shower gel
Karma dusting powder
Karma soap
Karma bubble
Karma Komba
Karma Kream
Karma pyramid melt
Karma Pyramid Gift
Karma Sutra
Keep It Fluffy
King of Skin 2002
King of Skin 2004
King of the Mods
Kiss Chase
Kiss Me Klimt
Kiss Me Quick

Lush Kitchen – List of all Lush Kitchen weeks items



Lush Ltd launched it’s on line “Lush Kitchen” mail order website in April 2014. The idea was to have a place to make small er batches of exclusive products available fresh for those of us with a taste for our favorite retro products that have been discontinued. It’s also a way to get pre-releases on new Lush Cosmetics creations, sneak-peeks, and one-off rarities and limited edition products, made one time only. They also make limited edition Lush perfumes, available only in the Lush Kitchen.

(I actually had the immense pleasure of meeting the lovely folks in this photo, when i was there a month before the Lush Kitchen opened for business.)

Here’s what Lush says: “What‚Äôs on the menu this week? Small, daily batches of exclusive products, made by hand and seasoned with behind the scenes gossip. This is an exclusive window into the world of Lush manufacturing, where the words ‚Äėfresh‚Äô and ‚Äėhandmade‚Äô come to life.
Our compounders are cooking up a storm, experimenting with giant bath bombs and mixing up creative visions. Get a glimpse of limited edition recipes, and freshly dreamt up innovations.
We’re throwing open the doors, and you’re invited to take a look.
If you can‚Äôt get enough of the Lush Kitchen, we‚Äôre cooking up more posts on our other social media channels: Instagram @LushKitchen & Twitter @LushKitchen”

To purchase lush Uk kitchen products, we buy them here, the website is

Here’s an example of one daily menu of products that Lush made for Holidays, which were/are NOT Retro and which weren’t available in any stores nor on line on the lush website.


Big Blue body conditioner I have yet to do my review of it, I’m getting there

Big Blue Egg

Big Calm body lotion I get mine next week

Big Calm solid perfume I have one but haven’t reviewed yet

Brightside body lotion I have one but haven’t had a chance to review, I will soon!

Brightside solid perfume

Butterball body conditioner

Comforter body conditioner

Avoshower jelly

Down the Rabbit Hole (Easter 2016 only)

Error 404

Flutterby (Mother’s Day 2016 only)

FUN With a Twist

Furze body lotion

Furze solid perfume

Happy Blooming body lotion I got mine a week ago and have a video of it but haven’t added a page for it here yet, I will very soon.

Happy Blooming solid perfume

Heartthrob¬†(Valentine’s 2016 only)


Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Lava Lamp Egg

Le Grande Amour

Lemony Flutter body conditioner

Lord of Misrule perfume

Lord of Misrule body conditioner I still haven’t reviewed mine! I will by august

Love body spray (coming soon)

Madame Butterfly (Spring 2016 only)

Magic Bubbles

Mother Earth

Mother of Dragons

Mum (Spring 2016 only)

Mother of Dragons



Plum Rain body spray I reviewed mine. I’ll add a page for my review here tonight

Ponche shower gel self preserved in 4 sizes!

Plum Rain in 4 sizes!

Roller (Spring 2016 only)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Sex Bomb body lotion I have a haul video of it but not a review here, I’m recording a review of it tonight.

Sex bomb solid perfume

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Spring 2016 holiday only)

Spring Bunny (Easter 2016 gift set only)

Snow MeltSultana of Skin body conditioner


The Experimenter Egg

Tisty Tosty (Valentine’s 2016 only)

Tulip (Spring 2016 only)

Tweet (Easter 2016 only)Here’s a video of the very first Lush Oxford street catalog, where everything debuts before anywhere else gets them in stores.

Twilight perfume

Twilight shower jelly

Yog Nug Fun

Yog Nog perfume

The lush Kitchen¬†weekly menus of what they’re going to make each¬†coming week are located on their Lush Kitchen Facebook site, every Friday the lush Kitchen posts what products they are making each week. It’s also a way to vote for what Lush products you would like to see them make.



Below is a list i made of all of the Lush products that the Lush UK Kitchen has made, since inception in 2015, by week.  The most current week being on the top.  

If you click on the date/links you will be taken to that weeks’ products with my¬†¬†demo and reviews video of each one.

Soon, At the bottom of the page will be a long list of all of the products that the lush Kitchen have made, by

kind of product.

Dec 11-25

October 23 Halloween gift set

October 9 – Lush No More Lush Kitchen Announcement!

October 2-6

September 25-29

September 11-15

September 4-8

August 28-September 1

August 21-25

August 14-18

August 7-11

July 31-August 4

July 24-28

July 17-24

July 10-14

July 3-7

June 26-39

June 19-23

June 12-16

June 5-9

May 15-19

May 8-12

May 1-5

April 24-28

April 17-21

April 10-14

April 3-7

March 27-31

Mar 13-17

Mar 6-10

Feb 27-Mar 3

Feb 20-24

Feb 13-17

Feb 6-10

Jan 30-Feb 3

Jan 23-27

Jan 16-20

Jan 9-13

Jan 2-6

Dec 19-23 Christmas products

Dec 12-16 Christmas products

Dec 5-9 Christmas products

Nov 28-Dec 2

Nov 21-25

Nov 14-18

Nov 7-Nov 11

October 31-Nov 4

October 24-28 Halloween products

October 17-21 Halloween products

October 10-14 Halloween products

October 3-7 Halloween products

Sept 26-30

Sept 19-23

 Sept 12-16

Sept 5-9

August 29-Sept 2

August 22-26

August 15-19

August 8-12

August 1-5

July 25-29

July 18-22

July 11-15

July 4-6

June 27-July 1

June 20-24

June 13-17

June 6-10

May 30-June 3

May 23-27

May 16-20

May 9-13

May 2-6

April 25-29

April 18-22

April 11-April 15

April 4 – April 8

March 28-April 1

March 21-25 2016

March 13-17

Feb 22-26 2016

February 8-12

February 1-6

January 11-15 201614560059_1768186080103601_2824036687351473089_o
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