Happy Blooming bath melt and Scent Family Photo 

In this video (at 9:45) i show my happy blooming bath melt and describe it

My lotion and perfume arrived today from a dear person, so now i can do a proper family photo. 🙂 it has a strong cherry fragrance. Some folks think it’s too sickly sweet or fake smelling. While it’s certainly strong it’s not a fake scent because it’s loaded with real cherries. And it also contains coconut. I usually don’t like very sweet things from Lush, but in the case of Happy Blooming it seems to be beyond my control because my mouth actually starts watering when I smell it. In my opinion, the jelly and the lotion are stronger in scent as the melt & the solid fragrance are.

I love everything about this scent.

Happy Blooming shower jelly from the Lush UK Kitchen mail order website.

Happy Blooming bath melt from the Lush UK website.

Happy Blooming body lotion from Lush Japan.

Happy Blooming fragrance solid from Lush Japan.

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