Other bath product vendors

I’m going to start building a page where i’ll document my written reviews, along with my tub demos and bath art photos of other vendors’ bath treats!

I placed orders from three companies and will receive my orders all in the first week of May.

I will create an alphabetized list of vendors who sell bath bombs, as well as wax vendors.

ill start adding things regularly so check back occasionally


I’ll be getting three (one for a giveaway) in around 7 days, and I’ll record a sink demo and do a review at that time as well.

This soap is made with black currants.

Lush Description: Take a walk through a wild meadow. As far as the eye can see, bright red poppies stretch out before you, swaying heads, petals beckoning you onward. The sun warms your face as you stroll, insects humming gently as you pass, dancing among the flowers. Find the perfect spot and unpack your picnic of jam sandwiches and cool blackcurrant squash, their sugary sweetness lingering in the air before being whisked away on a bergamot breeze.

Here’s a sink demo and review video I recorded