Atmospheres shower gel

It’s unfortunate that this is a kind of pricey product because it’s exactly what lots of us have been asking lush for in terms of shower gels. Unlike those naked, solid shower gels, these ‘Atmospheres” shower gel spheres are a REAL shower gel consistency.  In fact its like a thicker, more luxurious shower gel.  It lathers loads and makes lots of sudsy foam lather.

There’s absolutely no packaging.

However because of it’s price I have to give this a 3 out of 5.

These are packageless shower gels, new and exclusive from the Lush Labs.

To me this is much easier to use than the naked shower gels that lush have made previously.

Lush says: Inside this nondescript, recycled box, powerful forces are at play. Four naked doses of therapeutic shower gel await, made with the finest perfumes to unlock your deepest desires. Shower yourself in love, money or joy – just remember to Let Go of the grudges, regrets or desires holding you back too.

Atmospheres are naked doses of shower gel that double up as a cosmic order of your choosing. Pinch the atmosphere between your fingers and tear open as you focus your mind on your goal, tipping the gel into your hand and washing all over. When you’re done lathering up, the seaweed layer can be washed down the plug or popped in the compost. The laws of attraction are at work so feel secure in the knowledge that your order has been placed.

These are fragile but not so fragile that you cant pick it up.

Lush says that its one showers worth of product but i can TOTALLY see how you can get two showers from this. There’s alot in here.

When done with the product we can safely let it go down the plug hole or throw it away because it’s biodegradeable.

In my video below i show how to pop it and what the consistency is.

However, the price is rather high to me.  It’s 12.00 gpb for four shower gels.  That’s $15.40 US dollars.

$4.50 gpb (or $3.75) for one shower.  Granted, I believe there are two showers worth in each one, but that’s still $2.25 per shower.

While I usually don’t count pennies, this id stick out to me as quite high.

There are four kinds;

Money (green) lime and green notes

Joy (yellow) citrus

Let Go (blue) made with lavender

Love (red) has the Lush Love fragrance, made with rose, and lemongrass.

Lush Labs

hetes what im getting. Ill post my writren and video reviews and demo videos here when i get them.

I’ll post more as i get more info. And naturally i’ll be buying one of everything so i can write a review and rrcord a review and demo for you when i get my order. ❤️

I was notified this morning on my instagram that Credit for the following list floating around instagram belongs to Juniper Jumps on Reddit. ❤️

⭐️Atmospheres (single use shower gels in packs of 4):

Money – lime, bergamot, fennel and cypress (Over and Over scented)

Love – spicy, apple-sweet (Love scented Yay!)

Joy – bergamot, clove, black pepper and ginger (im looking foreard to this one most personally)

Let go – pure lavender oil

⭐️Bath bombs:

Shinrin-yoku – epsom salts, pine needle powder, cedarwood, ylang ylang and neroli (Breath of God scented Meep! 😱)

Little Bottle of Calm – chamomile blue, Roman chamomile, jasmine absolute, lavender oil, neroli, tonka and ylang ylang

Spinning Plates – reusable bath bomb – firetree, ylang ylang, grapefruit, jasmine and ginger

⭐️Shower bombs (like emotibombs but with a cleansing mousse that can be swept over the body while showering):

Sleepy – lavender and oatmeal (Twilight scented OMG! 😱)

Not Sleepy – lemon myrtle, petitgrain and Brazilian orange

Karma – orange, pine and patchouli (Karma scented)

Koyaanisgatsi – French lavender, ylang ylang and violet leaf

⭐️“Brave” mouthwash tabs (i’ve tried and reviewed all ten of the toithy tabs so why not.)

⭐️Little Pot of Energy naked body lotion

(Yeah, i don’t care if it’s naked, and it’s in the dead of Summer, and i live in the desert…i’m buying one).


I’ll be getting three (one for a giveaway) in around 7 days, and I’ll record a sink demo and do a review at that time as well.

This soap is made with black currants.

Lush Description: Take a walk through a wild meadow. As far as the eye can see, bright red poppies stretch out before you, swaying heads, petals beckoning you onward. The sun warms your face as you stroll, insects humming gently as you pass, dancing among the flowers. Find the perfect spot and unpack your picnic of jam sandwiches and cool blackcurrant squash, their sugary sweetness lingering in the air before being whisked away on a bergamot breeze.

Here’s a sink demo and review video I recorded


I’ll be recording a sink demo of my Oat hand soap and review this week so keep checking here

Jack Constantine created this one for his wife; he wanted a soothing, creamy bath that would relax her and leave her skin as soft as a vegan alternative to silk.

Oat is made in the same fragrance as the Lush ‘Mrs Whippy’ bath bomb. So it has a lovely, light perfume made with a combination of Soya Milk Powder, Tapioca Flour, Fairtrade Sugar, Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Almond Essential Oil, and Buchu Oil.

Lush Labs

Updated today August 6

Here is my Lush Labs Haul (with Demos) Video

Updated today June 26

Updated today June 18 2018

Update today May 29, 2018 #LushLabs announced, via the lush kitchen Instagram account, that they will sell tickets to the 2018 Lush Creative Showcase. Heres a link to last year’s Creative Showcase 2017 event.

Many customers were angry that there are not going to have any products to sell people on the site today as mentioned by lush earlier. Lush code to instead offer tickets today to the Uk event instead.

Below are Lush Labs products for April 2018.

Here’s my video describing these items

About 13.7 billion years ago there was a big bang and the universe blew up like soup does when you leave it in the microwave too long. Then bath bombs were invented.

And now Lush have come up with a new idea that won’t fit on the shelf above your sink (and a whole host of forward-thinking exclusives that will). Intrigued? Seek out #lushlabs on Instagram.

Here in this video i show my trip to England, given to me by Lush Uk. in this video below (at 7:00) i go to the Lush 29 High Street labs in 2014. As you can see in the video the gentlemen explains the two offices at this location are the labs where Mark Constantine and Rowena Bird work on the Lush inventions. All lush products start here. It’s a lovely location where the original facade of the original Lush store is located.

This location is where Lush will be making something exclusive for people to buy on April 29, and all I can say is there are some exclusive Lush products that I have which I need to hurry up and review!

Oat soap


Komorebi soap

Poppy soap

Aster soap

Birch Sap soap

Photo below courtesy of @lushwiccymagic on instagram

The minute I opened up my christmas package I wrote the owner and creator of Lush, Mark C, on my Facebook about TreeD and how I wish it were a perfume. And today I hear that one of the new Lush exclusives on the 29th (see my blog) is a Ectoplasm perpume.

I’ll be reviewing oregano, birch, and oat soaps this week. So I’ll put links here to those when they’re complete.

There will be mail order available to the U.S.. Yay. 🙂