Candy Cane

See my 5 minute demo and review video of this below šŸ™‚


This has a lightly minty scent, and it does haveĀ real mint in it. Ā There are also a couple of other notes alongside the mint, such as, Cypress, which always reminds me of being amongstĀ the high mountain trees. Ā Someone described Lush ‘Candy Cane’ smoothie rhouladeĀ as having a scent that Men would like too, and i would agree. Ā ‘Candy Cane’ does not have a strong scent of mint like Lush minty “Christingle’ body conditioner. There’s a slight sweetness to this rhoulade, but it’s not very sweet. Ā It’s more refreshing than sweet to my nose.

It doesn’t strip my already dry skinĀ of it’sĀ moisture when i wash with it.

I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars.



Here’s my 5 minute demo and review of the Lush Candy Cane smoothie rhoulade.

Yog Log

5 out of 5 rating

See my video demo and review below


This is so moisturizing! Ā And it smells like something i could eat for desert. It doesn’t have an egg nog scent per se, it’s more of a toffee, caramel, butter and sweet cream kind of yumminess. Ā It actually makes my mouth water.

I need help.


Comforting caramel caresses are just a lather away, whatever the weather.
This satisfyingly squidgy smoothie of spicy clove bud oil, ylang ylang and softening cocoa butter will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all day long.
Like a lovely soapy, swiss roll, just grab a handful of toffee-sweet smoothie and lavish all over

This has the same yummy scent of the past “Yog Nog’ soap, “Yog Log’ bath bomb, perfume, fun bar, etc)

Here’s a demo video i made of how to use this

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients
Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

Berry rhoulade scrub

Lush created these new ‘Rhoulades’ (rolls) as a sort of firmer textured smoothie sans the usual black Lush container. Instead it’s wrapped in a. more natural casing, saving on the waste of containers.

This Berry rhoulade the new berry scent which is reminiscent of the Comforter, but with less cassis.

Some folks didn’t like this because the color could stain. It smelled good though, like berries but not sweet, but like tart cherries.

Lush used to sell their rhoulade smoothies in black pots like their body conditioners and lotions. Except they just called them shower smoothies, because there was no rhoulade about the smoothies. they weren’t rolled and didn’t have a coating. It was just the inside of the rhoulade in a black pot.


Turkish Delight


5 out of 5 rating

Lush has made a black pot version which is literally one of my favorite things that Lush makes.

The potted version (it’s basically a smoothie) is one of the wonderful things that Lush made before they were called Lush, when they were Cosmetics To Go. I still have the empty, cleaned out glass container.

The vintage glass container is inside the gift box on the left side with the yellow label on top.

Lush made this Turkish Rose body polish in their ‘Keep It Fluffy’ scent, which as many know if one of my favorite scents.

ylang ylang, rose, lemongrass and jasmine.

Another of their new rhoulades, this one has the scrummy scent of turkish delight, with that beautiful rose fragrance.  It looks like turkish rose candy too.

this different version below was a container-less version called a thousands that Lush made at their Oxford Street superstore.

I liked the black pot version Much more. So much easier to use.