Think Pink (2008 version)

There is a newly redesigned think pink here 

4 out of 5 rating

See my demo video of this below


Ingredients: Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Lavender Oil (Lavendula hybrida), Tonka Absolute (Dipteryx odorata), Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Neroli Oil (Citrus amara), Pink Heart Confetti, D&C Red No. 33, FD&C Red No. 4, D&C Red No. 27, Candy Flowers

This is such a pretty ballistic. It smells of vanilla, neroli, lavender and tonka bean.  I just didnt’ like this ballistic at all when I first had it in a bath. But after using it again, wow, it’s fruity, and girly, and a tad foody, all at the same time. The orangey- neroli is there, the vanilla, the lavender. Water that is pretty medium dark pink. And wait, there are candy hearts and tiny heart confetti made out of soap too? And a tiny amount of magenta colored glitter at the bottom? Why didn’t I like this again?  a 4 star rating.


Lush Times 2006 Description: Darlings, this is the ultimate in fuchsia pink baths. Four candy flowers top this marvel of utter pinkness and, as it fizzes furiously, it unleashes a shower of pink confetti into the bathwater. We’re using our brand new favourite tonka bean essential oil because it smells so wickedly fabulous, darlings! It also helps you to get in touch with your deeper emotions. Do be careful whom you meet for lunch just after you bathe! We don’t want to go eleasing our deeper emotions all over the starter and upsetting the other ladies, do we? (Or do we?).


In 2010 this changed to a new shape – becoming the same size as 90g ballistics like the lush Butterball bath bomb is.

Here’s a demo video i made of this bath bomb in the tub close up

Lush Kitchen Menu Previews Jan 2-6

Here’s a video i made reviewing, showing, describing each of these products that i have.  What are you guys looking forward to most?

Here’s to a fantastic 2017! 🎉 Check out next week’s #LushKitchen menu for detoxification & refreshment galore, if you spend your weekend ringing in the new year by dancing on the tables and raising a glass then we’ve got your post-party pick me ups covered. 💁 🛀 We’ll see you on Tuesday…
Bank Holiday
After Tango foot mask £6.95
Volcano foot mask ballistic £3.25
Pied De Pepper foot lotion £8.75
Demon In The Shower shower gel £11.25
Bar Humbug bubble bar £3.95
Reincarnate solid shampoo £6.50
Skinny Dip buttercream £10.25
Geo Phyzz bath bomb £4.25
Waylander soap £4.50

Cardamom and Coffee

4 out of 5 rating

See my demo and review video below.



I adore cardamom.  I mean i really like it A LOT, so keep that in mind.

Cardamom and coffee has cardamom, which is a fragrant spice, some of you might recognize it’s lovely scent in Chai tea.

At first spray, it has a absolutely mind-blowing yumminess factor to it.
Also, this perfume has a lot of throw.

The rose oil in this is not a primary player here.  It adds a lovely but light floral note.  I don’t smell it and say “I smell rose”.

The coffee isn’t primary either.  Right now anyway the cardamom is the most primary, and i couldn’t be happier about that.

Unfortunately, at 30 minutes the scent diminished quite a lot.  It’s just a remnant of it’s former self.  This is the only reason i give this a 4 out of 5 rating. If the scent stayed as strong as when i first sprayed it, this would surely be a 5 out of 5 rating.



I’m Home

3.5-5.0 rating.

See my demo review video of this perfume below.

This is one of a 7-10 new perfumes in Lush Gorilla IV series, which will be sold to the public in the very near future.

This perfume was meant to remind one of coming home after a hard day and the way a home smells comforting, kind of like a mub of hot chocolate.  This perfume has vanilla and Cocoa in it.  When first sprayed, i can definitely smell the cocoa, it smells yummy.

On the dry down it gets kind of muddy, but once it dries completely the cocoa note returns.  It smells warm, like coming home to a warm home with someone cooking something yummy.


Once it dries completely however the scent dissipates very much.  This perfume in particular goes away quicker than the other Gorilla perfumes. I solved that by just spraying it two or three times on me, or spraying it a few times throughout the day.

In the video i smell it on my arm at wet spray, drying down, and total dry down.


5 out of 5 rating

This is a spicy, booz-y fragrance.  It smells like Christmas brandy punch or Norwegian Glogg.  It’s warming, just like a cup of Glogg would be in the wintertime.


Ingredients: Cinnamon Stick and Clove Infusion (Cinnamomum cassia, Eugenia caryophyllus), Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Fresh Organic Orange Juice (Citrus Aurantium dulcis), Propylene Glycol, Red Wine, Fresh Organic Lemon Juice (Citrus limonum), Fine Sea Salt, Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), Clove Leaf Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus), Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia), Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre), Brandy, *Cinnamal, *Coumarin, *Eugenol, Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume, Colour 14700, Methylparaben


Lush Times: Glögg is a Lush interpretation of a Swedish spin on festive mulled wine. It will make your body feel warmer as you inhale the spicy aroma. A bottle of Glogg is a fairly boozy cocktail to liven up Christmas baths and showers. We poured lashings of red wine and brandy in there to stimulate your body while you lather, with cinnamon and clove infusion for spice and fresh fruit juices to get you squeaky clean.

Lush Pud

3.5 out of 5 rating


Ingredients: £2.25 200g Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis), Clove Powder (Eugenia caryophyllus), Lemon Peel Powder (Citrus limonum), Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana), Benzoin Resinoid, (Styrax benzoin), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Benzoate, Perfume, Candy Holly Leaf.


Review: I got a fresh one once and it changed my mind about the Pud. True, it leaves a brown ring to clean up. True, it makes the water poo brown. Turn off the lights, light a candle and use this. It smells like spice cake. And it lasts. I bathed my twins in this on Christmas and they smelled like two little spice cake sweeties all weekend. This is grand to combine with Christmas Cracker bubble bar, Orange and Spice soap or with a Jack Froth or Marziban bubble bar. It’s like bathing in Christmas desert.


Lush Times description: Looks like a pudding, smells like a pudding, fizzes like a spicy Bath Ballistic. Fill your bath with warm water and drop in the Ballistic for a fizzing, fragrant, relaxing soak.


Notes: The newer ones are much lighter brown. almost tan colored, and they smell more like Snowcake soap then spicy Christmas pudding. I like the original ones way better because it was spicy.

Snowcake shower gel

5 out of 5 rating


This shower gel has the wonderful scent of Snowcake soap and Marzibain bubble bar. Firstly I was never knocked out about Snowcake soap. It was just “Meh” to me for years. But this shower gel has changed my mind completely about the Snowcake scent. When I opened the bottle I couldn’t believe how fresh it smelled! Everythying good that I could smell about Snowcake was in this bottle of shower gel. It is nice and strong and fresh smelling. It’s not sweet.  It smells lightly of rose and almond.  A clean, comforting scent. It’s got that marzipan scent, with a bit of rose and a bit of almond. I’m a Snowcake believer. I give this 5 stars.


Scent Family: Snowcake Perfume; Snowcake Soap; Snow On Snow Dusting Powder; Smitten Hand Cream; Oops! Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser; Marzibain Bubble Bar Slice; Big Ed Yuletide Soap and so many more.

Here’s my demo and review video of it close up

Lush Kitchen Menu November 21-25



For now, i only have info for the linked ones on the list below. I have info for all of these that i have not added yet.  So ill be adding pages for almond, world piece, glorious mud, aqua mirabilis, green day, and washday greens this evening.  But i do have and describe them in the video.
Go Green solid perfume £9.00
Happy bubble bar £3.95

Almond buttercream £10.75
World Piece bath bomb £3.95

Glorious Mud body mask £6.25
Aqua Mirablis body butter £6.75

Aura Suavis £11.25
Green Day bubble bar £3.75

washday greens £11.00
Karma shower gel £11.25

Here’s a video i made showing and describing the products.


4 out of 5 rating

Has rose oil and sicilian lemon.

See my demo video of my Igloo soap below

Here’s the 500g brick i got in mail order from for 19-20 dollars.  They also sell a single size soap 100g, and a 250 piece.  Alternatively, you can go to your nearest Lush store and pick any piece you want from the giant store version.



Here’s my short video review of this lovely smelling soap


Lush Kitchen Menu November 7-11

A welcoming hug, an homage to a family member and the kindness of others all feature in next weeks menu. We’re launching bath oils & perfumes inspired by Simons travels to Lebanon and his encounters with refugees, their journey to safety and the generosity he experienced even though they had very little.❤️
Each of these fragrances tell a story which you can hear more about in a special Kitchen livestream: Time Well Scent. Catch it on the Lush Player on Monday, 7th November at 4pm coinciding with the release of the perfumes at the same time! Join us then as we take a trip into the mind (and nose) of Simon Constantine:

To see descriptions of these perfumes, you can click here 
Amelie Mae perfume £32
I’m Home perfume £36
Cardamom Coffee perfume £50
Manouche Zaatar bath oil £4
Road From Damascus bath oil £4
Over And Over bath bomb £4.25

Here’s a video i made describing the perfumes that are available next week

Candy Cane

See my 5 minute demo and review video of this below 🙂


This has a lightly minty scent, and it does have real mint in it.  There are also a couple of other notes alongside the mint, such as, Cypress, which always reminds me of being amongst the high mountain trees.  Someone described Lush ‘Candy Cane’ smoothie rhoulade as having a scent that Men would like too, and i would agree.  ‘Candy Cane’ does not have a strong scent of mint like Lush minty “Christingle’ body conditioner. There’s a slight sweetness to this rhoulade, but it’s not very sweet.  It’s more refreshing than sweet to my nose.

It doesn’t strip my already dry skin of it’s moisture when i wash with it.

I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars.



Here’s my 5 minute demo and review of the Lush Candy Cane smoothie rhoulade.

Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub and lip tint

See my demo video below 5 out of 5 rating

The new ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Lip scrub has a scent similar to the Comforter, having currants in the mix. The Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint is a bit dry going on. I was afraid the color of this lip tint would be too a bit too dark for me, especially since it is quite a cool toned color. The smell of the lip tint is very light..

The returning Santa lip scrub, which smells like Cola to me, and the true red of the Santa Baby lip tint. Though the lip tint is a little dry going on and has some fall out crumbles.The smell is incredible and i much prefer the sugar plum fairy scrub out of the bunch.

I would give the Sugar Plum Fairy scrub a 5 out of 5 rating.
I would give the Santa Baby scrub a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
I would give Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
I would give the Santa Baby lip tints a 2.5 out of 5 rating.

Here’s a video of the 2016 ‘Sugar Plum’ Fairy’ lip tint and lip scrub

Lush Kitchen Menu Preview October 10-14

Monday: Pumpkin soap – £4

Tuesday: Demon In The Shower shower gel 250g – £11.25
Wednesday: Skullduggery bath bomb – £3.75 & Lady Catrina soap £4.25
Thursday: Calacas shower jelly 100g – £4.25 & Potion body lotion – £10.50
Friday: Calacas shower gel 250g – £11 & Fairy Ring soap – £4.25

Here’s a video i made which shows each product being offered next week.



4 out of 5 rating

See my demo video below

This was made with the ‘Celebrate‘ /’Golden Wonder‘ bomb scent. It smell fizzy like grapefruit soda.

Here’s a video of my demo and review of Bubbly

Ruby Red Slippers

3.5 out of 5 rating.  The new Christmas 2016 limited edition ”Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar shaped like a shoe like Dorothy’s shoes in the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’.

See my demo of this new bubble bar below.


Shipping Weight: 100 g(s)

Ingredients: Rose Absolute, Carnation Absolute, Tangerine Oil, Perfume, Colour 14700, Red Glitter (Polyethylene terephthalate).

Lush Description: Sparkling, ruby red bubble bath with a bewitching fragrance of rose and carnation. Crumble under running bath water for mounds of fragrant bubbles.


Here’s one from 2005


Review: This has Rose, Tangerine, Carnation and Geranium. Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar slice was made to be the same scent as Lush’s former “Potion” body lotion. It’s a lovely, gentle, fruity, spicy carnation floral. The glitter on this bubble bar is ruby red.

Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar make the water a beautiful red color. It makes loads and loads of bubble, especially the one i had because it’s so fresh and squishy. My only complaint would be that the scent isn’t as strong on the skin as I’d like.   The scent of Potion in the bath is so lovely though.  I think Lush would be successful selling this one all year round.

Here’s a demo video i made showing this beautifully bubble bar in the bath tub.


Here’s a demo of the original (MUCH more glittery version)

Autumn Leaves

4 out of 4 rating – se my tub demo and review video of this below


A beautiful fall inspired bath bomb in the shaper of a leaf, and having the scent of Lush popular “Grass‘ scent.

This gorgeous Winter 2016 bath bomb has an earthy scent of cut grass and is made with sandalwood, bergamot, neroli, and maple sap. It’s got a beautiful green shimmer on it.

The colors in this bath bomb remind one of Autumn, with the green, orange and gold colors. This is a slow fizzer, and watching the beautiful colors swirling around me was beautiful.


This stunning bath bomb brings the beauty of nature’s autumnal metamorphosis right into your tub. Watching it dissolve in the bath is like watching the trees turn colors, only in fast forward! Breathe in the grounding yet uplifting perfume, full of bergamot, neroli and sandalwood, and brace yourself for winter’s arrival.


Fresh ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate , Citric Acid , Fragrance , Bergamot Oil (Citrus Aurantium bergamia) , Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium amara) , Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill) , Maple Sap (Acer Saccharum) , Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Lauryl Betaine , Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone , *Coumarin , *Limonene ,*Linalool , Spring Green Lustre (Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 10) , Red 4 . *Occurs naturally in essential oils


Here’s a demo video i made of this beautiful bath bomb in the bath tub up close


Snow Fairy body conditioner

4 out of 5 rating

 This smells even better than all the othrr Snow Fairy products. Its almost got a cherryish note added to it.

I love all the body conditioners that Lush make, i have dry skin as i live in the desert and i love how moisturizing it is without feeling greasy.

How Lush explained you use it after you wash up with soap or whatever you usually use, then after you rinse off you spread this body conditioner on your body. Then simply rinse off with warm water.

Im not crazy about the Snow Fairy scent, but this is wonderful! Makesskin incredibly soft with a yummy scent.

There’s a tiny bit of glitter in this just on the top.

Here’s a demo video of this up close and how i use it