Lush Kitchen Menu November 7-11

A welcoming hug, an homage to a family member and the kindness of others all feature in next weeks menu. We’re launching bath oils & perfumes inspired by Simons travels to Lebanon and his encounters with refugees, their journey to safety and the generosity he experienced even though they had very little.❤️
Each of these fragrances tell a story which you can hear more about in a special Kitchen livestream: Time Well Scent. Catch it on the Lush Player on Monday, 7th November at 4pm coinciding with the release of the perfumes at the same time! Join us then as we take a trip into the mind (and nose) of Simon Constantine:

To see descriptions of these perfumes, you can click here 
Amelie Mae perfume £32
I’m Home perfume £36
Cardamom Coffee perfume £50
Manouche Zaatar bath oil £4
Road From Damascus bath oil £4
Over And Over bath bomb £4.25

Here’s a video i made describing the perfumes that are available next week

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