Lush 2017 body sprays 

Being offered for sale now at

These were introduced at Lush two day Summit event 2017 , Lush Oxford Street superstore in London and for a limited time on their mail order website the Lush Kitchen.

Right now there’s no plan to have these come to U.S. Stores, nor any Lush stores around the globe.

I have a dear friend who flew to London and got four of them for me. I’ll have them in a couple of weeks and do my video reviews.

As always I’ll be adding to this page as I get more descriptions, info, photos, video, etc.

These are large, at 200ml. It is a black pump spray bottle. Those of us who have the liquid Love perfume that wasn’t sold in a spray type of perfume bottle, will surely be glad for the ability to spray the Live scent all over you. Yay!


£20.00 ($25.00) “A harmonious blend of lavender and tonka instills a sense of calm, while beguiling and sultry ylang ylang adds enticing, floral undertones to this fairytale-sweet fragrance. Cast a spell with creamy tonka for the most enchanting dreams, and bask in the rich, malty notes that flower on your skin, sure to leave you wanting more.”


£25.00 ($31.32) Spicy florals and playful citrus combine to create this flirty scent. Cheeky hints of sweet toffee apple and crisp, refreshing bergamot will allure and captivate. Looking for the perfect match? A heart of sensual jasmine and warm cinnamon are sure to heat things up. This saucy blend will send you sky-high on the rollercoaster of love.


Lord of Misrule

Rose Jam £25.00

Blooms of fresh rose and succulent geranium combine to create this rich, romantic delight. Jam-packed with indulgence, every spritz exudes sophistication. Moreish rose oil from petals picked in Senir, Turkey, blossom on your skin while a touch of lemon cleanses the palate. Allow this rich, floral aroma to adorn your skin in soft, sweet perfume.

Plum Rain

Leave your umbrella at home and dance in a downpour of fruity fragrance with this lively cocktail. Revel in the juicy ripples of fresh plum and rich osmanthus while bittersweet petitgrain and mandarin invigorate the senses. Spritz on for a burst of energy fed by forbidden fruits to enchant all who come close.

Self Esteem Machine

A whipped vanilla and creamy citrus fragrance explosion that is sure to leave you feeling brand new. Upbeat and playful, this complex perfume will lift your mood with just a single spritz. Fresh mandarin and grapefruit extract conjure up happy thoughts whilst vanilla absolute strikes a reassuring chord. Let this adventurous and multi-layered scent transform your outlook on life. Smell awesome. Feel awesome. Be awesome.
Dad’s Garden £15.00


Snow Fairy


So White

Dad’s garden

Adorn yourself in memories of warm sunshine, tempered by zingy lemon and fresh lime. This scent memory of Mark’s father’s garden in sunny South Africa exudes sweet citrus with a soft bergamot and lavender twist that lingers on the skin and in the mind. Spritz all over to revel in the bright colours of the garden and feel the warm rays touch the nape of your neck.


Dirty £20.00

In need of a wake up call? This intoxicating blend of energising spearmint, grounding sandalwood and herbal essential oils is sure to lift you off your feet. Spearmint is refreshing and invigorating; it clears the mind and cools the skin while gentle lavender and sandalwood notes add a woody base to the fragrance. Blast away the cobwebs and spritz all over for a revitalising burst of fresh air.

Lush Kitchen Menu April 17-21 

After 8:30 Massage Bar £5.75/$7.20
Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly £4.25/$5.32

13 Rabbits Bath Melt £4.25/$5.32

Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel £11.75/$14.72
Café Latte bath bomb £4.25/$5.32

Chocolala Massage Bar £8.95/$11.21
Chocolate Melt bath bomb £3.50/$4.38

Tweet Bubble Bar £3.75/$4.70

Here’s my weekly video reviewing next week’s Lush Kitchen products. I have short cuts/time stamps in the video description box for each product in my video.

Café Latte

Review: It smells heavenly like real café latte. Once it hits the water however it loses that wonderful scent. Pity. Folks complain about the coffee going on the bottom of the tub and sticking you in the toosh but I’ve never had that happen. I love the yummy smelling “froth” that forms at the top. I need one now…but Lush DCd it in 2002. 

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Ground Coffee, Dried Soya Milk.


Lush Times 1999 description: For all the coffee-holics out there, here’s the Lush Caffe Latte, a wake-up bath with a serving of real coffee and a frothy white top. Run your bath, drop in the Caffe Latte and with its delicious, Italian coffee shop aroma, you could almost be wandering through the streets of Florence. To top it off, your bath really will have a fluffy white cap on it, as the frothing Caffe Latte will make its own creamy foam for your bath. What a great way to stat your day and caffeine free too!

Chocolate meltdown 

Review: This is a smaller bomb like Butterball and Waving Not Drowning are. It is minty and chocolatey and nice but it’s not as strong as I would like. It’s a minty green color with little flecks of chocolate throughout. If the mint and the chocolate scents were stronger this would be a really great. It needs to be a regular sized ballistic. But I gave it four stars anyway because it was original. Chocolate mint things that go nice with the Chocolate Meltdown ballistic would be the chocolately minty “After 8:30” massage bar, “Mask of Magnaminty” facial mask, “Freeze” shower gel or “13 Rabbits” bath melt or shower gel.

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, dark chocolate, cocoa butter, perfume, spearmint oil, peppermint oil, galbanum oil, shea butter, gardenia extract, colour 61585


Lush Times Summer 1999 description:

Invented by the UK managers, this diet-sized bomb is a mint chocolate bath time delight with the fragrance of After 8:30. Little pieces of chocolate bath melt are released from its compact form as it fizzes away, scenting the bathroom with stimulating mint. Good for the skin and great for the figure.


Lush Times Spring 2000 description: GIMME, GIMME, GIMME A CHOCOLATE MELT BOMB (before midnight that is). It’s chocolatey – so chocolatey – but you can have as many as you want and you won’t put on a single calorie. Oozing with dark chocolate, cocoa butter (excellent for softening the skin), spearmint (said to stimulate the mind and relieve fatigue), peppermint (reputed to soften the skin and good for any aches and pains), galbanum (reported to calm and ground you), and shea butter (just for the business of softening skin). And, of course, not only does it work wonders on your mind and body, but it smells just heavenly. So put one in the bath, turn yourself in to an after dinner mint and get a friend to nibble on you.

101 Salvations 

5 out of 5 rating

See my 6 minute demo, description & review video of mine below. 

The 101 Salvations is the original name of this shower cream. I got this from a wonderful lushie who one year went to one the annual Lush Uk Creative Showcase event. There are always tons of experimental products at the Creative Showcase, and if one is lucky enough to attend the chances of getting to buy something that the public wont get to buy for another couple of years is nice.

So when they decided to sell this shower gel to the oublic in stores they changed the name to Oaty Creamy Dreamy.


A shower cream which shares the popular Lush ‘Dream Cream’ body lotion scent and ingredients. With calming lavender, and Chamomile, and calming oatmilk. It has more moisturizing properties than the typical shower gels that Lush has always sold. As with a few of their shower ‘creams’ this has Cocoa butter and olive oil. 

Same soothing ingredients as their lotion below for dry, cracked, itchy, red, sensitive skin.  

2017 Discontinued Lush Products

See my video below where I show, describe, and review each the below products that are being discontinued. The New 2017 Lush products can be found here

5 o clock whistle


African Paradise





Big Bang

Blackberry Bomb


Buttered Brazil


Dear John

Death and Decay

Dirty massage bar

Don’t rain on my parade

Dreamwash smoothie tub

Dusk till dawn



Go faster feet

Green Scrub

Imogen Rose

It Started With a Kiss

Kerbbside Violet


Lava Lamp

Layer cake

Million Dollar moisturizer


Mr dandy’s hair candy

Needles and Pine

Oral pleasure

Passion fruit



Pink Flamingo

Pop in the bath


Razzle Dazzle


Rub Rub Rub

Sea Monster Fun

Shades of Gray

Smugglers Soul

Strawberry Bombshell

Strawberry Feels Forever


The Plumps

The Comforter shower cream

Tisty Tosty

Turkish Delight smoothie



Yes Yes yes

Yoga Bomb

Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon

Yuzu & Cocoa shower cream


Here’s a video I recorded showing and discussing ALL the (59!) products that Lush says will be discontinued.