Chocolate meltdown 

Review: This is a smaller bomb like Butterball and Waving Not Drowning are. It is minty and chocolatey and nice but it’s not as strong as I would like. It’s a minty green color with little flecks of chocolate throughout. If the mint and the chocolate scents were stronger this would be a really great. It needs to be a regular sized ballistic. But I gave it four stars anyway because it was original. Chocolate mint things that go nice with the Chocolate Meltdown ballistic would be the chocolately minty “After 8:30” massage bar, “Mask of Magnaminty” facial mask, “Freeze” shower gel or “13 Rabbits” bath melt or shower gel.

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, dark chocolate, cocoa butter, perfume, spearmint oil, peppermint oil, galbanum oil, shea butter, gardenia extract, colour 61585


Lush Times Summer 1999 description:

Invented by the UK managers, this diet-sized bomb is a mint chocolate bath time delight with the fragrance of After 8:30. Little pieces of chocolate bath melt are released from its compact form as it fizzes away, scenting the bathroom with stimulating mint. Good for the skin and great for the figure.


Lush Times Spring 2000 description: GIMME, GIMME, GIMME A CHOCOLATE MELT BOMB (before midnight that is). It’s chocolatey – so chocolatey – but you can have as many as you want and you won’t put on a single calorie. Oozing with dark chocolate, cocoa butter (excellent for softening the skin), spearmint (said to stimulate the mind and relieve fatigue), peppermint (reputed to soften the skin and good for any aches and pains), galbanum (reported to calm and ground you), and shea butter (just for the business of softening skin). And, of course, not only does it work wonders on your mind and body, but it smells just heavenly. So put one in the bath, turn yourself in to an after dinner mint and get a friend to nibble on you.

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