Holey Night

5 out of 5 rating.  Keep in Mind , I LOVE sandalwood.

See my two minute tub demo video below

5 out of 5 rating

I like the play on words.

The scent of this bath bomb surprised me. Its not citrus. Its got rose and sandalwood. It leaves a beautiful floral scent on my skin long after my bath is over after ive dried off.

I recorded this display full of Holey Night bombs at the Lush Creative Showcase event.

Holey night is made with soya milk powder which makes the water a creamier texture. Its quite softening on the skin.

I like the creamy pink and blue foam.

The end result is water with a turquoise hue and silver shimmer.

See my tub demo below

Oh holey night, the moon is brightly shining. This unidentified bath time object is a discovery you don’t want to miss, tune into balancing rose absolute and relaxing sandalwood oil for a journey into the unknown.

Pop into the bath and watch as the colours shift and change with your mood. It’s no hoax that softening soya milk powder lands on the skin with a brightening sunburst of Sicilian lemon oil. Venture to a galaxy far far away in an epic bathroom exploration.

Sleepy toothy tabs

I stumbled upon these Sleepy toothy tabs along side the tooth fairy (Snow Fairy) toothy tabs and other toothy tabs on display at the 2018 Lush Creative Showcase.

I was told by the creator of these new toothy tabs that they are still working on the formula for flavoring in the sleepy tabs because a direct translation of the sleepy/twilight scent isnt as tasty, so tweaking the lavender so it didnt taste too soapy by adding more vanilla along with the lavender and other components to produce a nice scent and a nice taste. i thought both the sleepy and the tooth fairy were AWESOME!


5 out of 5 rating. i would give it a 6 if i could.

This is an exclusive bath bomb given to me by Jack Constantine, main inventor for Lush Uk.

Harajuku is an area in Japan, in a district of Tokyo. Many people ferl Harajuku is the epitome for what is popular right now with youth in Japan. Bright colors and fantasy fashion, shops, themed restaurants, cosplay clubs, etc.

The colors of the bath bomb are seen a lot in the Harajuku clothing and streetstyle.

Lush made this bath bomb with an absolutely ADDICTIVE scent of bubblegum. its a bit fruitier spiceier than regular bubblegum.

Here is a video tub demo i recorded of Harajuku.

the bomb fizzes for quite a long while. i enjoyed rubbing the pink bubblegum scented foam on my arms and legs.

the smell was so good i did NOT want to get out.

The final results are a lovely peach colored water with silver sparkle.

Goddess (formerly God is a Woman)

5 out of 5. Made with the Lush “Zen” soap scent. I describe the scent in my “Lush Goddess” perfume video below.

I bought exclusive Lush iron on patches of ‘Goddess’ at the 2018 Lush Creative Showcase for £3.00

Made with the Lush ‘Zen’ soap scent. I describe the scent more in my video and review below.

This bath bomb was originally created by Jack Constantine for Ariana Grande after he saw her video for her song ‘God is a Woman’.

⭐️In my video demo of mine in the tub below i also recorded a video of the giant one that was on display at the Creative Showcase event. I got real close so you can see the foam spewing out!⭐️

When creating this bath bomb Jack Constantine mimicked the gorgeous muted colors of blue, lilac, gray, silver, green in Arianna’s video within the Goddess bath bomb.

Also striking is the ethereal nature from silver and lavender shimmer powder.

Its scent is a combination of earthy,green and floral. It smells like it looks if that makes sense. I think Jack did an excellent job of creating the feel and vibe of Ariana’s video into this bath bomb’s look and scent.

initially this was going to be given to folks who bought tickets to attend the 2028 Lush Creative Showcase in Manchester England.

On the second day they began selling these along with the other exclusive items in the holiday products area. so that was nice that anyone attending the event eventually had a chance to purchase one.

naturally i purchased as many as i could fit in my bag so i could bring back for my friends and fellow bloggers who didnt get one.

Here is a video of when i got my order of these goddess bath bombs as well as the soap, etc.

Below is my scent family pictures

Zen soap

Goddess bath bomb

Goddess soap

Goddess perfume spray

Goddess solid perfume

Goddess wash cards

Black Rose

5 out of 5 rating See my Tub Demo Video at the bottom of this page.

Exclusive to the new Lush Japan Harajuku shop, this and five other exclusive bath bombs were given to me by Jack Constantine at the Creative Showcase.

Black Rose was made with the Lush Rose Jam scent.

This is the original Black Rose photos below. The bath bomb is black with irridescent red metallic coco butter tips, and has gunmetal grey silver glitter.

Someone got the iron patch of Black Rose below for me! 🥺😲😍👏🏼❤️

This made in the Lush Rose Jam scent, which is popular sweet candyish rose scent.

Lush has made many things in this scent. Here’s a scent family photo i took below.

This one is a spinner, it moves back and forth in the water while spewing a red purple foam all around.

Here’s a link to my Original Black Rose from Lush Harajuku store. look at that end water with black and silver sparkles!

Here’s a link to my video of the ‘new’ black rose.https://youtu.be/MUH__dlDKr0

Regarding the Lush 2018 Creative Showcase event Sept 23-24

If you do a ‘follow’ on my blog, follow with post notifications on my instagram, and/or follow my thread on FB you will be good to go and not miss anything.

Starting on thursday Sept 20 I’ll be posting pics and video of my plane trip (tips for long 14 hour flights), touring England as a tourist, the Showcase event, demos of the Lush Holiday and lush labs exclusives that i buy at the showcase, and meeting other bloggers, here on my blog on my ‘Lush Creative Showcase and Christmas’ page at this link https://lushalot.com/2018/07/16/halloween-christmas2018/

I’ll be posting my video vlogs and live vids mostly on instagram since i hang out there more often.

I’ll post pics and a few short vids on facebook too for any of you facebook users.

I’ll post my big video of the whole entire trip edited for just the highlights here on my blog and on my youtube channel at the end of the trip.

Thanks. 🙏❤️


I have two Eyeball bath bombs. see my recorded tub demo below

One i got from a Lush store. And one i got from Lush Uk mail order site lush.co.uk

Ive had the one i got from a Lush store in the uk on Sept 22 for two weeks. To me it didnt smell that exciting. In fact, it almost smelled sort of blah with maybe some lavender.

However, im SO glad i decided to order another one from mail order. Because THAT one was an entirely different story scent-wise.

Oh my GOD the gorgeousness of this pretty and yummy scent….this smells so familiar.

I looked it up on thesite to see look at the ingredients. As i read the ingredients on the site it dawned on me….this Eyeball bath bomb has the Lush SOFTY bath bomb scent!!!! YES. Thank you so much Lush.

The irony of this gorey eyeball having the pretty ‘Softy’ scent is wonderful. Lush also made a bubnle bar one Christmas called Hedgehog, with that same softy scent.

This scent is made with orange oil, lavender, ylang ylang and rose. Basically everything that is good-put together in one bomb.

Its both ‘pretty’ and ‘yummy’. I can smell the ylang ylang and the rose primarily, which is a GORGEOUS combination in itself. But then comes the wafting of the orange oil note to give it that ‘Lushious, sweet, fruit’ note. Then, comes the bright herbal pop of lavender to lift the whole combination up.

Heavenly. One must absolutely have a fresh one from mail order, otherwise youre in danger of getting a blah one, or God forbid, the even more rare one that smells like furniture cleaner, which i have had in the past as well.

A good, very fresh one is a 5 out of 5 rating.

An older one thats been sitting in the store for some days can be a 2 out of 5.

I pray you get a great one folks, its heavenly.

Here is a tub demo video i recorded for you.

These products below were made in the same blend, including Powder Puff Deo which isn’t shown below.I need to find my pics of it.

My trip through the Small bath and body business Landscape – BedazzledBath

Part 1 of this series is here

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Good prices. HUGE products. Biodegradeable, food grade glitter like Lush uses, African American Woman owned small business. https://www.bedazzledbath.com

Soooo… She decided to let everyone have a chance of getting some even though that will bump the shipping to 3-4 weeks. She is going to have a pre-order sale of her summer things. TODAY Sept 13!

Her next restock is mid October.

This is the first time shes done a pre-order. But everything has been selling out so fast and so many people have missed out that she decided to do it differently. 👍🙏❤️

She and two other bath vendors, out of the 27 bath vendors that i’ve tried, is the only one who ive given all 5’s in my reviews/rating criteria.

how it smells; great! Not fake. Like the real thing. Medium strong scents! 5

how it made my skin feel; good. She puts extra skin conditioning goodies in her things. 5

the bath art designs while it was fizzing; great! 5

the end color of water in the tub; 5 fabulous. light glitter

price; great! 5

customer service; great! 5

the clean up; great! 5

I would Definitely buy another one or two!


This ‘Jumbo Circus Shake’ 3 in 1 combo below is HUGE. I got three baths out of it.

This one is the one that literally wins for ‘best bath bomb ive ever used’.

This beautiful patisserie looking thing below is only $6.00! HOW. I feel like ive stumbled onto a special secret.

This was magnificent to use. Quite a treat.

Perfect for a birthday!!!

I love her 3 in 1 bath products. Those have 1. bath bomb,

2. conditioning bubble bar mixture,

3. bath melt and/or soap

Those are usually huge and heavy, so you can use them all in one go or you can split it between two (and in some cases three) baths. I mention this incase you see the prices of the 3 in 1 products and say ‘what!?’, these can and should be used in more than one bath.

Below are her ‘Marshmallows of Carnage’ bubble bars. Originally these were only included in a themed box collab between five different bath and body vendors on instagram.

These are HEAVENLY because they smell exactly like marshmallows. Omg.

They have golden dust on them where its ‘toasted’. To. Die. For.

She decided to sell these seperately so they are on the site.

This is my second order. I have a FULL ON addiction to this girl’s bath products.

One of these bath bombs i’m going to show you is only $6.00 ❤️

AND if we’re talking moisturization, THESE are the products you’ve been looking for.

Some might say their bombs are good for your skin, and some might have bombs that *feel* good to your skin, but not necessarily both.

This girl’s bombs do Both.

And the products are flippin gorgeous.

And they’re a decent price for what you get.

Scrub Scrub Scrub

4 out of 5 rating

Scrub scrub scrub is one of two new scrubs that Lush uk has made for 2018.

As i said in my review video, i like using this scrub scrub scrub more than the new magic crystals scrub.

The color of magic crystals scrub is a prettier color but i like using scrub scrub more.

Although this one is drier and thus more challenging to use, it doesnt sting like the magic crystals scrub which is wetter and easier to apply.

I like this smell. Its not quite the Comforter scent.

Its got a vaguely fruity blackberry scent. I like the scent, its comforting.

It has currant in it, like the comforter but it doesnt have the same scent.

For starters, there’s no bergamot nor cypress in it like there is in the comforter.

Also, scrub scrub scrub has pine, rosemary oil, and Buchu oil, which the Comforter doesnt have.

Its got the same size scrubbies that magic crystals has. One is not coarser than the other.

If youre very fair don’t leave the scrub on your skin for very long.

I would give this scrub a 4 out of 5 rating.

I like other companies vegan, cruelty free scrubs better.

Here’s a video where i show it up close