Black Rose

5 out of 5 rating See my Tub Demo Video at the bottom of this page.

Exclusive to the new Lush Japan Harajuku shop, this and five other exclusive bath bombs were given to me by Jack Constantine at the Creative Showcase.

Black Rose was made with the Lush Rose Jam scent.

This is the original Black Rose photos below. The bath bomb is black with irridescent red metallic coco butter tips, and has gunmetal grey silver glitter.

Someone got the iron patch of Black Rose below for me! 🥺😲😍👏🏼❤️

This made in the Lush Rose Jam scent, which is popular sweet candyish rose scent.

Lush has made many things in this scent. Here’s a scent family photo i took below.

This one is a spinner, it moves back and forth in the water while spewing a red purple foam all around.

Here’s a link to my Original Black Rose from Lush Harajuku store. look at that end water with black and silver sparkles!

Here’s a link to my video of the ‘new’ black rose.

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