Above: A photo i took of my 250g piece of Odango.

5 out of 5 rating. See my demo and review video below

This was sold online in four sizes.

£7.25 100g £18.10 250g £36.25 500g

Very Floral, honeysuckle and rose petal infusion.  Petals on the outside so you can see the fowers in it.  Good for anti-static, less frizz.  Has the scent of the Lush body spray called “Dad’s Garden Chamomile and Honeysuckle.”

Lush description:  Odango straight to hair heaven with this lovely, floral shampoo. Roman chamomile, jasmine, lavender and orange flower combine to create a scent of home, of a back yard in full bloom. A perfect perfume to linger in your locks, this anti-static product means that great combability is yours.

Heres short video i took of a whole giant truckleof one at the Creative Showcase for my friend Dani

Here’s a video i did of what it looks like

Melting Marshmellow Moments bath oil

Same scent as the current MMM bath melt. It’s a derivative of Lush Snow Fairy scent, it’s called the Candy Fluff scent. It’s a very sweet, pink and an ever so slightly spicy note.

When Lush made Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt in 2004 it was pink and looked like a Cupcake.

Then in 2014 when Lush Uk opened the first Lush Superstore on Oxford Street London, they redesigned the bath melts and called them bath oils. And the giant pink cupcake because much smaller and became pink and yellow.

In my photo below It’s in the lower left amongst the other Oxford Street products.

It’s not frothy and creamy like the original cupcake design, it’s more like an oil that sits on top of the water and looks pretty having some shimmer in this new design. I like the new design but i’m not gonna lie, i liked the cupcake version more.

A new bath oil “Melting Marshmallow Moments’ may sound familiar to you. That’s because there is already a bath melt in all stores with the same name.
It’s a beautiful shimmery pink and yellow disk.
I was surprised that it didn’t color the water or have as much glitter as the other new Lush bath oils. However it has a good amount of scent in the bath and the almond oil and cocoa butter was moisturizing to my skin.
I think i like the Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt more than this new solid bath oil. Mostly because it makes more of a show in the bath.
Not my favorite bath oil from Lush Oxford Street but it’s so pretty one can’t help but buy at least one.

Lush description: Sweet treat for silky skin.
Moisturizing marshmallow oil whipped up with cocoa butter and almond oils.

Here’s a video demo i made of the new Melting Marshmallow bath oil fast forward to 5:00


See my video demonstration of this bath oil below.

This was gorgeous, silver sparkles being one of the best things i know, however the scent was a bit disappointing.  I will say that it wasn’t ‘flat’ smelling, it was actually nicely layered between the lime, pepper and pine.  It smells natural.  But it’s more of a gender neutral scent.  Not at all a girly fragrance. It makes up for it because at $3.00 that it’s lovely to combine (“cocktail”) it with almost anything else. The only silver glittery product was “Star Light” melt from Christmas past so this ‘Delight” bath oil is welcomed in my tub.





Here’s a video i made of this beautiful bath oil in the tub

I Am a Radiant Being

5 out of 5 rating. See my demo bath video of this bath oil below

This is one of my favorite bath oils from Oxford street.  It smells like Lush “Rose Jam’, it’s very moisturizing, it’s got pink shimmer, and it’s a GORGEOUS show in the water whilst your bathing.


Here’s one ai had with a Lush “Intergalactic’ bath bomb, which makes blue water, and contrasts nicely with the bright pink.


I would buy ten of these if i could.

Here’s a video demonstration i did of this beautiful thing. I want more!

Berry rhoulade scrub

Lush created these new ‘Rhoulades’ (rolls) as a sort of firmer textured smoothie sans the usual black Lush container. Instead it’s wrapped in a. more natural casing, saving on the waste of containers.

This Berry rhoulade the new berry scent which is reminiscent of the Comforter, but with less cassis.

Some folks didn’t like this because the color could stain. It smelled good though, like berries but not sweet, but like tart cherries.

Lush used to sell their rhoulade smoothies in black pots like their body conditioners and lotions. Except they just called them shower smoothies, because there was no rhoulade about the smoothies. they weren’t rolled and didn’t have a coating. It was just the inside of the rhoulade in a black pot.


Lush Australia


April 15, 2015

Save the Great Barrier Reef!

This was a very limited edition for one week on the Lush Australia site, and to attendeed of their press launch.

And Lush has introduced it as a regular product in their new Lush Oxford Street superstore in London.
I bought one from the Australian site and it is made from real sand, sea salt, and a fragrance that smells like melon to me. It makes my legs soft and.



11127829_10152714877221302_5478408984909252757_o (3)


Comforter shower cream

I will have a video of this in the next couple of days.Bright pink, this Comforter shower cream has more moisturzing properties than regular shower gels.

A new shower item called Comforter Shower Cream with the same scent as the popular “The Comforter” bubble bar. 

A more moisturizing version, which is seemingly thicker, having sparkles and more brightly colored pink than the Comforter shower gel.

In this photo I am combining some comforter cream as a bath bubble foam, and having a lush razzle dazzle bath oil with it.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like the sharp, acidic notes that are in the comforter shower gel or perfume, then you won’t like this shower cream.  If you like the bubble bar’s gentler comforter scent, you may not like the shower cream.  It’s certainly the prettiest, but not my favorite way of getting the comforter scent.  It’s a bit acrid to my nose and not as smooth of a berry scent as i would like.



Hair Custard

£12.95 ($19.60) 100g  Not vegan

Lush description:  The proof is in the pudding.

This luxurious custard fights static, adds moisture and creates lasting shine.

Ingredients:  Vanilla pod, fresh free range egg white, fresh grape juice, fresh strawberry juice, cider vinegar, argan oil, honey, perfume, fair trade vanilla absolute, bees wax, fair trade cocoa butter,  organic coconut oil, orange peel wax.