Comforter shower cream

I will have a video of this in the next couple of days.Bright pink, this Comforter shower cream has more moisturzing properties than regular shower gels.

A new shower item called Comforter Shower Cream with the same scent as the popular “The Comforter” bubble bar. 

A more moisturizing version, which is seemingly thicker, having sparkles and more brightly colored pink than the Comforter shower gel.

In this photo I am combining some comforter cream as a bath bubble foam, and having a lush razzle dazzle bath oil with it.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like the sharp, acidic notes that are in the comforter shower gel or perfume, then you won’t like this shower cream.  If you like the bubble bar’s gentler comforter scent, you may not like the shower cream.  It’s certainly the prettiest, but not my favorite way of getting the comforter scent.  It’s a bit acrid to my nose and not as smooth of a berry scent as i would like.