Lush North America (USA & Canada) Perfumes

Here’s a Here’s a Lush Leak i have:

Coming to the U.S. Lush online.

Each store will curate their own grouping.

Oh and just something i put together;

Yoga bomb


Coco Loco (Big Calm)

Groovy Kind of Love

Guardian of the Forest

Let the Good Times Roll



Sex Bomb

Turmeric Latte

These above as a subset group of the below list i know have never been made before as a perfume nor a body spray by Lush Uk nor Lush NA.Lush Leak i have:

Coming to the U.S. Lush online.

Each store will curate their own grouping.

Green Day

Green Day is a lovely deep forest green bar. The scent of Green Day seems to be Lush’s answer to our cries to make more “green” smelling or “earthy” smelling products. This smells like a scent the guys would like too. This is more of a bright, woodsy green. Not really a grassy scent. Green Day gives the water a medium deep green color. The smell lasts on the skin awhile too. Green Day does not smell like any Lush product   

5 out of 5 rating

 Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Patchouli Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Nettle Absolute, Clary Sage Oil

Lush 2006 description: Take a good soak in a clarifyingly woody patchouli, nettle, clary sage and cedarwood bath. Green Days brings the calm and stillness of the forest to your bathroom.

Keep It Fluffy perfume

5 out of 5 rating. Vanilla, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Rose.

In the above picture I show the current Lush 2021 “Keep It Fluffy bubble bottle’ solid bubble bar, made in the same scent as the perfume. 

Lush used to haver a sister company called “B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful’ in the mid 2000’s in England. They made bath and beauty products like the current lush that were a bit more upscale. They also made or remade many things that they used to sell when they were called “Cosmetics To Go’.  Lush made 10 different perfumes at this boutique, along with bath and beauty products the same fragrances as the perfumes.  One of the ten perfumes were called “Keep It Fluffy”. 

In the above and below photos I show the different bottles that Lush/B Never made this perfume in. 

I tried pretty much everything at the b Never boutique, being that the lush UK site had a tab to order online from B Never, and delivered it to those of us customers who lived in the United states. And while I tried everything there and I liked much of it, Keep It Fluffy was one of my favorites. I Like rose.  I always have.  

Keep It Fluffy is a soft, pretty scent that is fresh nd clean but also floral.  It’s not too sweet.  Not too rosy, not too jasmine. It’s just right. This scent is like the younger sister to Lush “Fever” perfume, which is another one of my favorite perfumes from Lush.. 

This was one of my favorites at the B Never boutique. I order everything in this scent.  Lush description: The Doris Day off bubble bars.  Lie back and dream of old school glamour.  Powdery vanilla and uplifting lemongrass pair perfectly to create a pretty scent. Sensual and Heady Jasmine takes you from day into sultry nights.  Soothing, powdery vanilla leaves you feeling comforted and warm. 

Here is a 4 minute video I made for you describing this fragrance.