Lush Kitchen – A List of all Lush Kitchen weeks and items

This new, second rendition of the Lush Kitchen Started May 4 2020, and the 1st shipment was June 1. Apparently its going to be more like a subscription box. You must be registered for a subscription box in order to vote on the products. £35.00 for 4-5 items which would include a couple of retro, discontinued, a couple of voted for products and a possible surprise item.
What are your thoughts?

Here are link to each months subscription box page which shows the products up for the vote, which ones won, and my photos of that months subscription box and my video unboxing.

May 2020

July 2020

August 2020

September 2020

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022

February 2023

May 2023

June 2023 Citrussy!

July 2023 Beach!

August 2023 Minty!

October 2023 Voting

November 2023

Below is the Previous Lush Kitchen 2014-2018


Lush Ltd launched it’s on line “Lush Kitchen” mail order website in April 2014. The idea was to have a place to make small er batches of exclusive products available fresh for those of us with a taste for our favorite retro products that have been discontinued. It’s also a way to get pre-releases on new Lush Cosmetics creations, sneak-peeks, and one-off rarities and limited edition products, made one time only. They also make limited edition Lush perfumes, available only in the Lush Kitchen.

(I actually had the immense pleasure of meeting the lovely folks in this photo, when i was there a month before the Lush Kitchen opened for business.)

Here’s what Lush says: “What’s on the menu this week? Small, daily batches of exclusive products, made by hand and seasoned with behind the scenes gossip. This is an exclusive window into the world of Lush manufacturing, where the words ‘fresh’ and ‘handmade’ come to life.
Our compounders are cooking up a storm, experimenting with giant bath bombs and mixing up creative visions. Get a glimpse of limited edition recipes, and freshly dreamt up innovations.
We’re throwing open the doors, and you’re invited to take a look.
If you can’t get enough of the Lush Kitchen, we’re cooking up more posts on our other social media channels: Instagram @LushKitchen & Twitter @LushKitchen”

To purchase lush Uk kitchen products, we buy them here, the website is

Here’s an example of one daily menu of products that Lush made for Holidays, which were/are NOT Retro and which weren’t available in any stores nor on line on the lush website.


Big Blue body conditioner I have yet to do my review of it, I’m getting there

Big Blue Egg

Big Calm body lotion I get mine next week

Big Calm solid perfume I have one but haven’t reviewed yet

Brightside body lotion I have one but haven’t had a chance to review, I will soon!

Brightside solid perfume

Butterball body conditioner

Comforter body conditioner

Avoshower jelly

Down the Rabbit Hole (Easter 2016 only)

Error 404

Flutterby (Mother’s Day 2016 only)

FUN With a Twist

Furze body lotion

Furze solid perfume

Happy Blooming body lotion I got mine a week ago and have a video of it but haven’t added a page for it here yet, I will very soon.

Happy Blooming solid perfume

Heartthrob (Valentine’s 2016 only)


Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Lava Lamp Egg

Le Grande Amour

Lemony Flutter body conditioner

Lord of Misrule perfume

Lord of Misrule body conditioner I still haven’t reviewed mine! I will by august

Love body spray (coming soon)

Madame Butterfly (Spring 2016 only)

Magic Bubbles

Mother Earth

Mother of Dragons

Mum (Spring 2016 only)

Mother of Dragons



Plum Rain body spray I reviewed mine. I’ll add a page for my review here tonight

Ponche shower gel self preserved in 4 sizes!

Plum Rain in 4 sizes!

Roller (Spring 2016 only)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Sex Bomb body lotion I have a haul video of it but not a review here, I’m recording a review of it tonight.

Sex bomb solid perfume

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Spring 2016 holiday only)

Spring Bunny (Easter 2016 gift set only)

Snow MeltSultana of Skin body conditioner


The Experimenter Egg

Tisty Tosty (Valentine’s 2016 only)

Tulip (Spring 2016 only)

Tweet (Easter 2016 only)Here’s a video of the very first Lush Oxford street catalog, where everything debuts before anywhere else gets them in stores.

Twilight perfume

Twilight shower jelly

Yog Nug Fun

Yog Nog perfume

The lush Kitchen weekly menus of what they’re going to make each coming week are located on their Lush Kitchen Facebook site, every Friday the lush Kitchen posts what products they are making each week. It’s also a way to vote for what Lush products you would like to see them make.


Below is a list i made of all of the Lush products that the Lush UK Kitchen has made, since inception in 2015, by week.  The most current week being on the top.  

If you click on the date/links you will be taken to that weeks’ products with my  demo and reviews video of each one.

Soon, At the bottom of the page will be a long list of all of the products that the lush Kitchen have made, by

kind of product.

Dec 11-25

October 23 Halloween gift set

October 9 – Lush No More Lush Kitchen Announcement!

October 2-6

September 25-29

September 11-15

September 4-8

August 28-September 1

August 21-25

August 14-18

August 7-11

July 31-August 4

July 24-28

July 17-24

July 10-14

July 3-7

June 26-39

June 19-23

June 12-16

June 5-9

May 15-19

May 8-12

May 1-5

April 24-28

April 17-21

April 10-14

April 3-7

March 27-31

Mar 13-17

Mar 6-10

Feb 27-Mar 3

Feb 20-24

Feb 13-17

Feb 6-10

Jan 30-Feb 3

Jan 23-27

Jan 16-20

Jan 9-13

Jan 2-6

Dec 19-23 Christmas products

Dec 12-16 Christmas products

Dec 5-9 Christmas products

Nov 28-Dec 2

Nov 21-25

Nov 14-18

Nov 7-Nov 11

October 31-Nov 4

October 24-28 Halloween products

October 17-21 Halloween products

October 10-14 Halloween products

October 3-7 Halloween products

Sept 26-30

Sept 19-23

 Sept 12-16

Sept 5-9

August 29-Sept 2

August 22-26

August 15-19

August 8-12

August 1-5

July 25-29

July 18-22

July 11-15

July 4-6

June 27-July 1

June 20-24

June 13-17

June 6-10

May 30-June 3

May 23-27

May 16-20

May 9-13

May 2-6

April 25-29

April 18-22

April 11-April 15

April 4 – April 8

March 28-April 1

March 21-25 2016

March 13-17

Feb 22-26 2016

February 8-12

February 1-6

January 11-15 201614560059_1768186080103601_2824036687351473089_o

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