Lush Kitchen Subscription Box April 2021

These are the nine products that everyone’s voting on.

April Showers (omg!)

Wash Behind Your Ears solid shampoo

Carrot solid shower oul

The Carrot soap

Fluffy Egg bath bomb

Pot O’ Gold jelly

Bunch of Carrots bubble bar

Bunny Bubble bar

Tweet bubble bar (i’m voting on this!)

Here’s what won. And my unboxing video

4 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Subscription Box April 2021

    • Yes. Thanks for letting me know, i changed it. They vote the month before so sometimes i’m so used to typing ‘march voting’ on instagram i’ll forget and say ‘march box’, instead of March voting has started for the April box’. 😊
      It doesn’t help that Lush was actually putting the wrong month on the subscription boxes. Even they got confused for a hot minute there lol.

  1. In your (clearly vast) lush expert knowledge, do you think it’s worth £38? The April box was my first but I confess I’m a bit disappointed. 2 bath/bubble bars at say £5 each, the foot salve at say £6/8? And then the big pot o gold at approx £11/12? I’m not sure that 2 badges makes up the missing value tbh. I’ve signed up to the next box but as I say I was a bit sad.

    • Yeah the last one wasn’t at all a good value and not worth it in my opinion.
      I read that they listened to us and they stated that they understand why, we’ll see.

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