Lush Kitchen September 2021

See my unboxing video below 😊

Now is the voting time. Voting is open until August 5.

My reviews, descriptions and pictures of them are at the links below to help you make your voting choices. 😊

Summer Blues bath bomb (omg)!😱 so rare

Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb

Karma shower jelly

The Godmother soap

Avocado No Wash body lotion

Grass solid shampoo

I’ve used all of these before and Here’s what i voted for

Hmm on Seot 30 2021 i saw this from one of the Lush product creators. I wonder if they’re talking about a candle?

3 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen September 2021

  1. I got ‘Pineapple’ face/body wash and ‘Happy Skin’ exfoliator in my box too. Ultra happy with the ‘Sleepy’ candle. Lush must have been reading my thoughts because I’ve been wishing for a Lush candle range for a very, very long time.

    • Wow! Yes indeed that sounds wonderful!
      Yes i’ve been missing their candles very much. They had to stop making them about 6 years ago or so, because someone’s candle caught their things on fire. So they said they may redesign it in the future. So i guess the future is now. 😄
      Around 2004-2007 Lush sister company ‘B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful’ sold candles. i loved those! Incense too.
      Do you remember those?

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