Lush kitchen menu February 20 -24

Next week’s menu has been designed for you to swish it, shake it, move it, make it.

Phoenix Bath Melt £4.95/$6.17

Enzynamite Fresh Cleanser 75g £6.95/$8.67

Pineapple Grunt Soap £4.25/$5.30

Spice Curls Soap £4.25/$5.30

Marathon Bubble Bar £3.95/$4.93

Back For Breakfast Shower Gel 500g £18.95/$23.63

Karma Dusting Powder 110g £9.50/$11.85

Green Party Bath Bomb £4.25/$5.30

Party On Temple Balm £5.25/$6.55

Here’s my weekly video showing and describing next week’s Lush Kitchen products 

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