Lush Kitchen Menu August 7-11 

August 7-11
Smitten hand cream £7.95/$10.38
Marzibain bubble bar £3.95/$5.16

Vanilla Fountain bath bomb £4.25/$5.55
Vanilla In the mist soap £4.50 /$5.87

Twilight shower gel £11/$14.36
Twilight solid perfume £9/$11.75

Karma Shower Jelly £8.25/$10.77
Lush Bomb Bath Bomb £4.25/$5.55

29 High Street solid perfume £9/$11.75
29 High Street shower gel £11.50/$15.01

Here’s my weekly video showing and reviewing Next Week’s items being sold in the Lush Kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Menu August 7-11 

  1. I can’t wait to get some Twilight solid and 29 High Street gel 😁 are you going to purchase anything? 😊

      • I think I had Marzibain at Christmas in one of the gift sets🤔 does it have a cocoa bean or nut on top of it? What’s 29 High Street like? I’ve never used it 😊

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