Lush Uk Kitchen Menu July 3-7

Below this list is a link to my weekly video, where i Review Next Week’s products.  Let me know if you have any questions and i’ll answer as soon as i can/ Thanks.
Celebrate a week of sport with products for the summer. 🎾 Watching Wimbledon can be demanding..

2:12 Strawberry Twin Tub Shower Jelly £7.95/$10.30
4:44 Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb £4.25/$5.51 (demo
8:32Tennis Ball Bath Bomb £3.95/$5.12
10:42 The Soft Touch Hand Serum £6.75/$8.75

13:27 Furze Body Lotion £13.95/$18.08
16:16 Grass Shampoo Bar £6.25/$8.10

18:02 Summer Pudding Soap £4.25/$5.51
20:11 British Nanny Facial Moisturiser £27.50/$35.63

23:17 Fruity Beauty Shower Gel £11.25/$14.58
24:50 Mr Punch Soap £4.25/$5.51

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