Lush Kitchen Menu June 19-23

June 19-23
Skinny Dip buttercream £10.50 / $13.43
In the nude bath melt £4.95 /$6.33

Moon & sun steamer tab £2.95 /$3.77
Cosmic dream catcher massage bar £9.25 /$11.83

Cereology soap £4.95 /$6.33

Green party bath bomb £4.25 /$5.44
Stepping stone foot scrub £3.50 /$4.48

Magic bath bomb £4.25 /$5.44
Magic shower jelly £8.50 /$10.87

Here’s my weekly Lush Kitchen video reviewing next week’s products.

Let me know if you have questions 🙂

7 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Menu June 19-23

  1. Hi April! Thank you for theLush update for next week. I am looking forward to Friday and getting the Magic Bath Bomb and Jelly! I always enjoy your reviews!

  2. Hi I’m Justin’a I’m super excited for this giveaway!! I’m laying my eyes on the shower jellys I’m a huge lush and u should follow my account at (starry.lush)
    Thankyou for the huge opportunity

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