When i get mine at the Lush Creative Showcase ill post pics, reviews and demos of it.

I read that this is supposed to have the Lush ‘Softy’ scent. I loved Softy. Softy had rose, and ylang ylang.

4 thoughts on “Eyeball

  1. I am a huge fan of your blog, but I’ve noticed a change. You’re not posting your own pics, with reviews anymore? Just posting stock photos from other’s Instagram accounts? Very disappointing…

    • this is how i do it.
      Lush product comes out.
      I put lush pics of it in my blog.
      I get said product.
      I take photos, pics, add review and remove the Lush photo, leaving my photos up.

      Thats how i do it every time.
      Lush photo will be up.
      Then it won’t.
      Then my pics will be up.

      But i cant take MY pics….until i get MY product.

      If i waited until i got my products and took pics you wouldnt have ANY info on products until weeks later.

      I have to wait for them to be delivered when i buy them and it takes time from England to the US.

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