I have two Eyeball bath bombs. see my recorded tub demo below

One i got from a Lush store. And one i got from Lush Uk mail order site lush.co.uk

Ive had the one i got from a Lush store in the uk on Sept 22 for two weeks. To me it didnt smell that exciting. In fact, it almost smelled sort of blah with maybe some lavender.

However, im SO glad i decided to order another one from mail order. Because THAT one was an entirely different story scent-wise.

Oh my GOD the gorgeousness of this pretty and yummy scent….this smells so familiar.

I looked it up on thesite to see look at the ingredients. As i read the ingredients on the site it dawned on me….this Eyeball bath bomb has the Lush SOFTY bath bomb scent!!!! YES. Thank you so much Lush.

The irony of this gorey eyeball having the pretty ‘Softy’ scent is wonderful. Lush also made a bubnle bar one Christmas called Hedgehog, with that same softy scent.

This scent is made with orange oil, lavender, ylang ylang and rose. Basically everything that is good-put together in one bomb.

Its both ‘pretty’ and ‘yummy’. I can smell the ylang ylang and the rose primarily, which is a GORGEOUS combination in itself. But then comes the wafting of the orange oil note to give it that ‘Lushious, sweet, fruit’ note. Then, comes the bright herbal pop of lavender to lift the whole combination up.

Heavenly. One must absolutely have a fresh one from mail order, otherwise youre in danger of getting a blah one, or God forbid, the even more rare one that smells like furniture cleaner, which i have had in the past as well.

A good, very fresh one is a 5 out of 5 rating.

An older one thats been sitting in the store for some days can be a 2 out of 5.

I pray you get a great one folks, its heavenly.

Here is a tub demo video i recorded for you.

These products below were made in the same blend, including Powder Puff Deo which isn’t shown below.I need to find my pics of it.

4 thoughts on “Eyeball

  1. I am a huge fan of your blog, but I’ve noticed a change. You’re not posting your own pics, with reviews anymore? Just posting stock photos from other’s Instagram accounts? Very disappointing…

    • this is how i do it.
      Lush product comes out.
      I put lush pics of it in my blog.
      I get said product.
      I take photos, pics, add review and remove the Lush photo, leaving my photos up.

      Thats how i do it every time.
      Lush photo will be up.
      Then it won’t.
      Then my pics will be up.

      But i cant take MY pics….until i get MY product.

      If i waited until i got my products and took pics you wouldnt have ANY info on products until weeks later.

      I have to wait for them to be delivered when i buy them and it takes time from England to the US.

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