My trip through the Small bath and body business Landscape – BedazzledBath

Part 1 of this series is here

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Good prices. HUGE products. Biodegradeable, food grade glitter like Lush uses, African American Woman owned small business.

Soooo… She decided to let everyone have a chance of getting some even though that will bump the shipping to 3-4 weeks. She is going to have a pre-order sale of her summer things. TODAY Sept 13!

Her next restock is mid October.

This is the first time shes done a pre-order. But everything has been selling out so fast and so many people have missed out that she decided to do it differently. 👍🙏❤️

She and two other bath vendors, out of the 27 bath vendors that i’ve tried, is the only one who ive given all 5’s in my reviews/rating criteria.

how it smells; great! Not fake. Like the real thing. Medium strong scents! 5

how it made my skin feel; good. She puts extra skin conditioning goodies in her things. 5

the bath art designs while it was fizzing; great! 5

the end color of water in the tub; 5 fabulous. light glitter

price; great! 5

customer service; great! 5

the clean up; great! 5

I would Definitely buy another one or two!


This ‘Jumbo Circus Shake’ 3 in 1 combo below is HUGE. I got three baths out of it.

This one is the one that literally wins for ‘best bath bomb ive ever used’.

This beautiful patisserie looking thing below is only $6.00! HOW. I feel like ive stumbled onto a special secret.

This was magnificent to use. Quite a treat.

Perfect for a birthday!!!

I love her 3 in 1 bath products. Those have 1. bath bomb,

2. conditioning bubble bar mixture,

3. bath melt and/or soap

Those are usually huge and heavy, so you can use them all in one go or you can split it between two (and in some cases three) baths. I mention this incase you see the prices of the 3 in 1 products and say ‘what!?’, these can and should be used in more than one bath.

Below are her ‘Marshmallows of Carnage’ bubble bars. Originally these were only included in a themed box collab between five different bath and body vendors on instagram.

These are HEAVENLY because they smell exactly like marshmallows. Omg.

They have golden dust on them where its ‘toasted’. To. Die. For.

She decided to sell these seperately so they are on the site.

This is my second order. I have a FULL ON addiction to this girl’s bath products.

One of these bath bombs i’m going to show you is only $6.00 ❤️

AND if we’re talking moisturization, THESE are the products you’ve been looking for.

Some might say their bombs are good for your skin, and some might have bombs that *feel* good to your skin, but not necessarily both.

This girl’s bombs do Both.

And the products are flippin gorgeous.

And they’re a decent price for what you get.

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