Regarding the Lush 2018 Creative Showcase event Sept 23-24

If you do a ‘follow’ on my blog, follow with post notifications on my instagram, and/or follow my thread on FB you will be good to go and not miss anything.

Starting on thursday Sept 20 I’ll be posting pics and video of my plane trip (tips for long 14 hour flights), touring England as a tourist, the Showcase event, demos of the Lush Holiday and lush labs exclusives that i buy at the showcase, and meeting other bloggers, here on my blog on my ‘Lush Creative Showcase and Christmas’ page at this link

I’ll be posting my video vlogs and live vids mostly on instagram since i hang out there more often.

I’ll post pics and a few short vids on facebook too for any of you facebook users.

I’ll post my big video of the whole entire trip edited for just the highlights here on my blog and on my youtube channel at the end of the trip.

Thanks. 🙏❤️

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