Lush Twilight scent family pic

10 thoughts on “Lush Twilight scent family pic

    • Omg I actually own the tube of sleepy hand cream and it really does go a long way I’m obsessed it kinda like Handy Gurus thickness

  1. The scent families are soooo well done and one the unique things to this blog that other lushies haven’t really done before in such an inspiring way.

    • I created the scent family list that everyone uses today. Lush has deemed me the unofficial title of ‘Lush Curator’ because of that, in their book ‘Danger Cosmetics To Go. I love 💜 for Lushies to see them though so this is a very lovely comment to see dear.

      • Oh wow!! Yea your contributions are numerous but this one is something that helps both new lush shoppers and serious lush collectors because it’s easy to take a look at the groupings and figure out what you’d like using the scent families platform you innovated and developed. Rock on !

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