Lush ‘Carrot’ scent family 

Lush ‘The Carrot’ scent family portrait. It all started with Lush ‘The Carrot’ soap, then Snowman jelly, then Snowman Fun bar, then Bunch of Carrots bubble bars, then Flopsy Easter jelly. 

3 thoughts on “Lush ‘Carrot’ scent family 

  1. I love this scent but I am yet to have a good reusable bubble bar in it, they always seem to turn into a sludgy gooey mess on my first bath. I’ll just keep my jellies to open and smell every so often, it’s a great spring and summer scent.

    • I love the scent too. Maybe try the jelly as a bubble bath/foam. I hold about a 2″x2″ square piece under the water faucet and it makes some bubbles. 🙂

  2. A great thing for bubble bars or using shower jellys for the bath , fill a tea ball strainer with product and hang under running water. I personally use body shops green tea tea ball infuser works great. But i have also used standard ones with success previously x

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