101 Salvations 

5 out of 5 rating

See my 6 minute demo, description & review video of mine below. 

The 101 Salvations is the original name of this shower cream. I got this from a wonderful lushie who one year went to one the annual Lush Uk Creative Showcase event. There are always tons of experimental products at the Creative Showcase, and if one is lucky enough to attend the chances of getting to buy something that the public wont get to buy for another couple of years is nice.

So when they decided to sell this shower gel to the oublic in stores they changed the name to Oaty Creamy Dreamy.


A shower cream which shares the popular Lush ‘Dream Cream’ body lotion scent and ingredients. With calming lavender, and Chamomile, and calming oatmilk. It has more moisturizing properties than the typical shower gels that Lush has always sold. As with a few of their shower ‘creams’ this has Cocoa butter and olive oil. 

Same soothing ingredients as their lotion below for dry, cracked, itchy, red, sensitive skin.  

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