American Pie body conditioner

4 out of 5 rating

See my 6 minute sink demo of both the potted and naked versions video below.

I love that Lush made a body conditioner from one of its popular hair conditioner (American Cream) fragrance. And i like that they named it American Pie like the exclusive shower jelly from a couple of years back from

The fragrance of it is akin to a vanilla milkshake. In fact the hair conditioner which started this all was made to mimic an American cocktail which tastes like a vanilla milkshake.

Lush has made more than a dozen different products in this same blend of vanilla, lavender, clary sage and strawberry juice.

Think of this as a hair conditioner for the body. In my demo video i show how to apply it and how to rinse it off.

This works well for me. I live in the desert southwest and my skin is VERY dry and this works really well at moisturizing without feeling greasy or oily.

Snow Fairy body conditioner

4 out of 5 rating

 This smells even better than all the othrr Snow Fairy products. Its almost got a cherryish note added to it.

I love all the body conditioners that Lush make, i have dry skin as i live in the desert and i love how moisturizing it is without feeling greasy.

How Lush explained you use it after you wash up with soap or whatever you usually use, then after you rinse off you spread this body conditioner on your body. Then simply rinse off with warm water.

Im not crazy about the Snow Fairy scent, but this is wonderful! Makesskin incredibly soft with a yummy scent.

There’s a tiny bit of glitter in this just on the top.

Here’s a demo video of this up close and how i use it