Lush Kitchen Menu November 21-25



For now, i only have info for the linked ones on the list below. I have info for all of these that i have not added yet.  So ill be adding pages for almond, world piece, glorious mud, aqua mirabilis, green day, and washday greens this evening.  But i do have and describe them in the video.
Go Green solid perfume £9.00
Happy bubble bar £3.95

Almond buttercream £10.75
World Piece bath bomb £3.95

Glorious Mud body mask £6.25
Aqua Mirablis body butter £6.75

Aura Suavis £11.25
Green Day bubble bar £3.75

washday greens £11.00
Karma shower gel £11.25

Here’s a video i made showing and describing the products.

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