Turkish Delight


5 out of 5 rating

Lush has made a black pot version which is literally one of my favorite things that Lush makes.

The potted version (it’s basically a smoothie) is one of the wonderful things that Lush made before they were called Lush, when they were Cosmetics To Go. I still have the empty, cleaned out glass container.

The vintage glass container is inside the gift box on the left side with the yellow label on top.

Lush made this Turkish Rose body polish in their ‘Keep It Fluffy’ scent, which as many know if one of my favorite scents.

ylang ylang, rose, lemongrass and jasmine.

Another of their new rhoulades, this one has the scrummy scent of turkish delight, with that beautiful rose fragrance.  It looks like turkish rose candy too.

this different version below was a container-less version called a thousands that Lush made at their Oxford Street superstore.

I liked the black pot version Much more. So much easier to use.