Lush Japan Kitchen Exclusives

From a dear friend who was in Japan. Here’s a video video where i review Happy Blooming, Big Calm lotion & Yuzu and Cocoa & solid perfumes, made in the LUSH Kitchen JAPAN (ラッシュキッチン)As usual I’ll do a youtube channel haul video/review of these, that will also go on my blog later. 💜 I’ll be getting Big Calm lotion & Yuzu & Cocoa lotion but they won’t be here for a couple weeks.

3 thoughts on “Lush Japan Kitchen Exclusives

  1. I just ordered a Big Calm lotion (JP) off of eBay, is it normal for the consistency to be runny? Enough so that the lotion will spill out of the pot easily. Has the consistency of glue, though it smells and feels nice, I just want to check.

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