Lush Kitchen Sub box June 2023

Here is my unboxing

June 2023 box

Bubbling Under bubble bar

Flamingo bubble bar

Floating Island melt (original style) lemon and sandalwood

Mermaid bomb

Trichomania coconut shampoo

Which ones are you looking forward to?


4 out of 5 rating See my tub demo video below.

Fyi-Lush has made three different bath products which have the word mermaid in the name; 2 bath bombs, which are nothing alike, and one bubble bar named mermaid tale, which is nothing like the other three.

This new mermaid bath bomb was initially an exclusive in the lush kitchen subscription box.

This bath bomb is made with the same scent as the ‘Baked Alaska‘ Christmas soap, which is very very citrussy with grapefruit, lime, etc.

Its a pretty bath bomb, its a faster fizzer than some of the slow melty ones. You can see what color the bath water winds up looking like in my video. I like it.

Error 404

5 out of 5 rating

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Lush UK made this to celebrate the first Lush Kitchen ordering site in 2016.  Initially this was a hidden product on the Lush UK retail website, available for the first month the Lush Kitchen went online.  The bath bomb was free if you could find it and ad it to your check out basket.  One per order. Since I ordered all the lush kitchen items every week for that month i got four.

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Originally it had a beautiful floral scent.  A few weeks later they changed the scent to more of a yummy vanilla scent. I liked both.

I had 12 error 404 bath bombs eventually. Then they stopped making the error 404 bath bombs.  Later the online Lush Kitchen made these for one day only for customers to purchase.

The scent is a beautiful full on floral.




Here’s what it looked like when you found it on the site. 

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Here’s a video i made of the Error404 in the bath. This video i made of Error 404 explains more and also shows you the ridiculous mermaid water this bath bomb creates in the tub, blue and gold…