my Lush shower with Plum Rain shower jelly, Candy Rain conditioner, Silica shampoo

i will add an entry in my blog for each of these three products after i complete writing this page about using them in my shower today.

Plum Rain jelly is a Lush Uk ‘Community Favorite’ product. Lush Uk created six fun shower jellies made from the fragrances and ingredients of some of our favorite Lush products. During the first week of March lush made Yog Nog jelly, Plum Rain jelly, 29 High Street’, Golden Pear, Yummy Mummy, and The Comforter.

Plum Rain shower gel is one of my favorite Lush shower gels, so i was excited to buy a jelly made in this same scent.

The scent isn’t as sweet as the shower gel. it’s a bit more bitter, more like the Plum Rain body spray. It’s good though. Nice and fruity with that great plum-y scent. i just wish it were sweeter.

I like the shower gel more

The exclusive Lush ‘Candy Rain’ hair conditioner.

Oh my. In my haul video of all five new Lush Labs conditioners, i describe Candy Rain as being my favorite smelling of the 5 new exclusive Lush Labs hair conditioners. It smells like a vanilla milkshake. It smells like American Cream SHOULD smell like. Yum. it’s made with cashew cream, macadamia nut oil, brazil nut milk, coconut cream, almond essential oil, cocoa absolute, tonka absolute.

I was amazed that it handled my crazy hair. I’m SO impressed with this conditioner. While it doesn’t smell like candy exactly it does smell good to drink with a straw.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 rating.

I bought all four of the exclusive Lush Labs, this pink one called Silica smells like mint, tarragon and thyme. All three of these are herbs. Therefore i can see why this is a primarily herbal scent, bit of a woody note.

Silica is made for hair that is colored.

List of ingredients

it’s not my favorite smelling of the bunch. that said, this does indeed have a nice scent.

I was expecting the scent of this one to have more of a yummy factor, or floral. i expected it to smell like pink berries or pink flowers or something reminiscent of pink i guess. nonetheless i was impressed with just how well this worked on my colored hair!

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