Amelie Mae

5 out of 5 rating  See my review video below


This is delightful.  At first spray, the bright lavender is the primary note i smell.  It’s nice and strongly scented.

At 10 minutes the lavender scent dimnished greatly and now the rose oil scent is present, and to me it resembles the Lush “Rose Jam’ scent slightly, just slightly.  And there is a raspberry note present.  Quite nice.  It’s not a candyish raspberry nor a fake raspberry scent.  It remains bright and even sparkly.  it almost reminds me of raspberry soda.
At 30 minutes the lavender has disappeared completely. However, the rose,  and especially the raspberry are more present than at first spray.  In fact i’d say the fragrance has gotten sweeter, in a good way.  

Now it’s turned into a sticky sweet raspberry rose jam scent on the specific place on my arm that i initially sprayed it.  It’s warmer, thicker rose and raspberry now . less sparkly.  The sparkliness isn’t gone though, it’s just less so as it dries down, turning more into a “yum” kind of scent.  I can get what Simon Constantine’s daughter Amelie Mae is like, sparkly, fresh, sweet, young, and delightful.

I’m glad i was able to acquire one of these on Ebay. The crazy money i spent on it was worth it.

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  1. I bought Amelie Mae as a solid perfume when I was in my teens and I recently bought a sample of fragrances from Björk and Berries, and when I smelled their perfume Never Spring it seemed identical to Amelie Mae. I can’t compare them since I used up Amelie Mae years ago but unless my memory decieves me completely they are very similar and might work as a dupe for someone that would like to wear this scent again. To me they both smell like a very lovely combination of bubblegum and incense, it’s a very holy girl vibe.

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