Santa’s Magic Sleigh

This is a fun 3 in 1 bath bomb for Christmas 2021. There are three pieces, and each piece has its own color and scent. The tellow sleigh is comfortrr’ scent which smells like ribe berries. The red santa is made with Snow Fairy scent.

I took a series of progressive photos below showing how it looks as it dissolves.

Its one of those fast fizzy bonbs that lush make, nit the slow foamy ones. That said for being a madly fizzing kind it does make decent bath art because of the different colored bomb.

The outcome is a deep orange bath water.

Id rate this a 5 out of 5 because i likethe new 3 in 1 idea, and for making different parts to have different scents. So you can use parts of it per bath or you can use it all at once.

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