New Lush 2020 products

Some of these are Valentine’s products and some are new regular products. peachy, eggplant, cherry lip scrub and unicorn lip scrub are Valentine’s products. There are more Valentine’s products so i don’t know why only these are on the list.

One thought on “New Lush 2020 products

  1. Hi. I am going into my first year as a Lushie. I started last March. Your YouTube channel and blog have been invaluable and super fun. I’ve learned so much. A couple of questions for you: please help me understand the difference between the Lush Kitchen and the Lush Lab. Are they both open to anyone to peruse the products and make purchases? Also, can you advise on the why of purchasing from the UK vs. the US website? I can only imagine if I purchase from the UK the shipping cost would be pretty hefty. Thank you so much for enlightening a baby Lushie😊.

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