Lush Spas

I’ll be adding ALL information regarding all the Lush Spas around the world, and info about the treatments themselves.

I’ll add my spa experience here, the photos I’ve taken, and video clips I’ve taken of the spa.

In 2014 Lush developed and implemented their first Spa location and spa treatments.

This was very new and exciting. For years customers had suggested lush do spa treatments, since their products certainly falls under the umbrella of self care and beauty.

The owner of Lush Ltd, Mark Constantine decided he wanted his spas to be very different than the usual spa trestment. While all spas promote well being, few have a true give and take with the client. Most clients go to a spa feeling that many wonderful things were done to them to promote wellness. While the Lush spas are more interactive. They let the client decide what mood they need or want to acheive. Then lush tailor makes each of the 12 treatments to the clients need/want/desire.

The Lushspas attend to the body, mind, spirit complex.

For instance the music pieces for each spa was hand made by the owner and creators of lush themselves, utilizing other like minded artists from England.

I was fortunate to be chosen to have a full Syneasthesia spa treatment at the very first Lush store, now headquarters, in Poole England. I was one of the first clients, at the very first spa, at the very first Lush store. I can’t tell you what an honor it was.

I’ll write more about my experience at a later date.

Below are photos I’ve taken of the ‘Crystal Ball’ bath bomb from the ‘Tales of Bath’ spa treatment

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