Lush Naked packaging, New naked skincare products?

2019 Skincare

Here is a video i made for you Demoing and Reviewing two cleansers and a facial oil.

2018 mouthwash Tabs!

I received these from Lush Uk management when i attended.

Here’s my video showing and describing each of these naked Lush products that were given to me by Lush Uk.

an audio interview of the co creator of Lush describing the idea for the naked Lush products

Lush are making shower gels that they currently sell in stores such as ‘olive branch’ in a new solid form which does away with any  packaging.The shower gels are totally solid. The shower gels have no ‘liquid’ in them. The entire bottle IS the product.

Here’s  my video demonstrating how to use

American Cream hair conditioner

Dirty Spring wash

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Hippy

It’s Raining Men


The Olive Branch


Almost like a bottle-shaped massage bar, except that it has a gel consistency when activated with water and applied.
The bottles are made from seaweed, like the new jelly bombs have, and the solid stuff reacts with water to make a gel like consistency

The application part is what I’m somewhat confused about. A lovely Lush employee said she would show me how to use it tomorrow.

The following photos are courtesy of the lovely @squisieplushie on Instagram.

I understand the wash cards that I got from the Lush Summit 2017 are part of the Lush Naked campaign. There are more kinds of wash cards than the three I have below. I have a demo video I recorded of how to use these. I’ll add that here tonight.

In the photo below are three new solid soaps. The green bottle on the left is ‘Oregano’, the tan one is ‘Oat’, and the black one on the right is ‘Karanja’.

Some are essential oils, which you can use on skin, and in oil burners. One is possibly a makeup primer.

These are photos i took of my new Lush wash cards. I have a video demo that I recorded of how to use. I’ll add that here later today.

These below are facial oils.

The green one is ‘Amazon’ primer, the light blue one is ‘Argan’ facial oil,

I asked about  melting,as I live on the Sun and was concerned. I was told by Lush that the bottles won’t melt,tothey’re madeput of a Soap kind of mix, but.. The body conditioners are the ones that are indeed a melt risk. Two below are Rub Rub Rub and Ro’s Argan. I understand that Lush is disco to using the rub Rub Rub solid square body scrub bar.

The Ro’s Argan is being sold to us customers tomorrow at

These below are aromatherapy oils.

The red one is called ‘open your third eye’, the green one is ‘Pride’, and the yellow one us called ‘Anger Management’ and is a citrus blend. The pink and white on the lower left is ‘Geranium’ from Kenya, the white on in lower middle is called ‘Ylang Ylang’ from Ghana, the purple and white on lower right is ‘French Lavender’ from France.

Photo credit for the photos starting below goes to @lushlover__ on Instagram! ❤️


16 thoughts on “Lush Naked packaging, New naked skincare products?

  1. Those aren’t bottles…they are the actual product! They look like a creamy product in a serum-type (or perfume-type) bottle shape. Perhaps they’re bath melts in perfume scents…?🤔 Or maybe hand/body lotions/massage bars….? Maybe soaps?? Ack!!! What ARE they?! 😃😍😊

    • Geez. Now that I know what they are & that they’re possibly replacing the regular line, I am stressed about it. I don’t like this at all, with the exception of the essential oils.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a solid gel bar just a soap? I don’t like soaps for anything but my hands. It gags me if I see ANYTHING stuck to my soap when I go to use it, even my own hair. Can’t/won’t use solid washing products. Ever. 😣

  2. Oh Lushalot, you don’t think EVERYTHING will be like this do you? 😓😓. I was so looking forward to the Christmas range!!!. How on earth will we store them xxxx

  3. Oooooh, I would totally buy those solid essential oils! Less waste, and my house would smell like Lush!

  4. I seen this on the Instagram account, and I have to admit I am confused. They just discontinued RRR solid scrub, to bring it out again (ok, possibly it has been reformulated) in a weird, awkward shaped mess.. If anything, bring it back in an easy to use square shape – yanno – like it used to be! 🙁

  5. I am kinda worried. How would they be in a shower setting? Would they just turn into mush? Will they get damaged on their way to the states like some massage bars do? I understand why they are doing this, but it all seems so weird, and forced. I hope we get answers soon! Thank you for the article!

  6. Oh wow the new cork shampoo bar holders look super fresh! I’m so curious about all these naked shower gels/body conditioners!! Thanks for the info April! n_n

  7. Every naked product I’ve bought from Lush requires a storage tin of some sort. Shampoo bar tin, massage bar tin, and I needed to buy a soap dish for bar soaps I buy. I don’t really want to buy tins/dishes for naked shower gels, naked essential oils, naked liquid soaps and whatever naked products they continue to make! It’s great that Lush wants to be innovative, but this is too much of a headache to deal with. The current packing they have is recyclable… is it really necessary to rid of it?! Ugh….And yes, upset they skipped doing a Christmas Kitchen Menu of any sort for the Showcase week. Sad

  8. I think this is innovative & cool, but it seems too early & not very well planned out yet. I like the idea of reducing packaging; I think the oils will take best to this form. But I imagine storing these long term will be challenging. They’d all get covered with dust & hair sitting uncovered on a shelf. I do wonder about leaving them in the shower too…will it be like a body Butter that I have to take out of the shower each time? To put in a TIN?? Are they going to make cork cases to keep the gels/ oils/ primers/ conditioners in? I also want to see how they manage to harvest enough cork to make all the tins they are going to make without cutting down OR pruning a tree. How the heck else do you get a material from trees/plants????

    • Right. I remember wine companies saying not too long ago they were going to switch to a foam cork from real cork because of the increasing unavailability of cork! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. I like the new solid shampoo containers, least the look of them. I hate the tins. I am a bit skeptical about solid shower gel.

  10. Lush aren’t doing away with packaging at all, they’re just shoving the burden onto the customer.
    Whenever a ‘naked’ order arrives here I have to wrap everything in plastic anyway, so that the items (usually bath bombs) last more than a week without melting, losing their smell, or merging smells with their neighbours.
    As it is, the items usually arrive stuck to the packing peanuts and with all their smells beginning to merge – and without referring to my order history I have no way of knowing which product is which, what’s in it, or how long it will last.

    I love Lush’s products but their marketing makes me seasick: it often seems smug, condescending, and out of touch with the real world. (I’ll never forget during the London riots, Lush’s response was to make a peace-inspiring bath bomb. …Yeah I’m sure the disenfranchised working and unemployed classes really appreciated the five-quid peaceful bomb, thanks Lush.)

    The way Lush are trying to do away with packaging (in this ill-thought-out and premature way) just seems like cynical penny-pinching dressed up as saving the planet.
    If they were serious about it they’d have invested time and resources into other packaging alternatives to plastic; even if they just wrapped their products in paper that would be an enormous improvement, and allow for their products to be labelled.

    I do love Lush, but admittedly I do also despair of their bulls**t.

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