April Showers

5 out of 5 rating

Has a sweet violet scent.

see my tub demo video below 😊

Violet! The scent is reminiscent of the violet scented ‘Ne Worry Pas’ bath bomb, especially because of the same milkiness of the water. see my tub demo video of this beautiful bath bomb below.

I was told it (and Poisson D Avril bubble bar) was made and named after me. I still don’t know if i believe that though 🙂

It has small pink and purple ‘raindrops’ made from a solid bath oil substance. They form pretty purple and pink raindrops in the water.

What a beautiful bath bomb. It turn the water a milky white, and then the purple and pink bath melt type substance looks so cool floating in the water. Reminds me of the Lush solid bath oils.

It was voted on by us and remade for the April 2021 subscription box.

My skin smelled of sweet violets long after my bath was over. I love when i can smell the lovely scent of a product on my skin.

When the water is mixed it makes a light purple colored water with some lavender shimmer.

Here’s a youtube video of it in the bath that i recorded so you can see what the water looks like.