Black Pearl shower gel

In my photo above are all the things Lush has made with this same fragrance. I made a review demo video (below) of black pearl shower gel:

Black Sugar, Lavender absolute, Chamomile oil, Olibanum oil, Myrrh resinoid, Silver Lustre sparkle.

This is not a citrus nor candy scent. It smells like chamomile tea, with frozen black currants as ice cubes, and a sprig of fresh lavender.
Lush also made a Black Pearl ballistic (this came first), and later a soap called ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. I enjoy the black pearl fragrance.
And Men would like this scent too as it is a unisex fragrance.


Old Father Time soap

See my video demo below

This   soap has thyme, sage and currants, and the fragrance is new, having myrrh, rosewood and opopomax.  Tangy, fruity, herbal, earthy… I can’ stop sniffing this soap.  The myrrh and the rosewood combo is calming to me.  There’s a tiniest iota of sweetness from the myrrh, just enough to make it intriguing. Old school Lushies may like the earthy, blending of resinous, herbal, floral notes. I think of this as having a gender-neutral scent,

Lush description: It’s the time of the year for lathering earthy and herbal fresh sage and thyme infusion with festive, juicy redcurrants over skin. This mystical soap with precious myrrh resinoid is sure to set the cogs in motion to take you from Christmas into the new year in style.


List of ingredients


Here’s a video where i show a piece of Old Father Time soap

Honey Lumps

See the video i made of Honey Lumps below.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate , Citric Acid , Honey (Mel) , Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata) , Myrrh Resinoid (Commiphora myrrha) , Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax benzoin) , *Limonene , Perfume * Occurs naturally in essential oils.

Review: Honey Lumps is lovely. It is quite similar to the “Honey Comfort” ballistic. If you liked B Never shower gel or the Honey Waffle soap, then you’ll probably like Honey Lumps as well, it has the same scent. Maybe a bit more orange citrus in it but very close. It’s honeyish and sweet.

I like this just as much as the current Honey Bee ballistic that Lush makes but The two are different, Honey Bee and Honey Lumps don’t smell the same. Honey Lumps ballistics has more of a true honey smell. I miss the scent of my lovely B Never gel, and this is the next best thing.

One tip; make sure the bath water isn’t tepid, make sure it’s nice and warm/hot because you want the honey gobs to melt in the bath water. Yummy….

Video of Honey Lumps