Heart Throb


Lush has made an absolutely gorgeous bath time treat for this Valentine’s Day 2015.  It’s a solid but squishy bubble bar called “Heart Throb”.  It’s two heart-shaped chunks of gorgeous deep red with beautiful glittery gold cocoa butter sandwiched in between. Lush has said they made it to smell just like their popular “African Paradise” body conditioner, which is available ow in lush shops and online, in the Uk and U.S.

It’s a sweet flora.  It’s got extra skin softening cocoa butter too, more so than other Lush bubble bars.

To see a video i made of the Hearthrob bubbleroon click on this Youtube link http://youtu.be/PX3rochfUdQ?list=UU9o_SPSX4G6kZvfNuEXKWcA

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