Ching Ling Soo





200g £1.65

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, tangerine oil, perfume, cardamon, crocin, colour 10850

Lush 1999 description: Are you feeling lucky? You will! The tangerine scented Ching Ling Soo will cheer you up. Cardamon oil is used to restore feelings of joy to melancholic people and to encourage them to be more warm and friendly. Of course this didn’t work for the real life Ching Ling Soo, who was performed (sic) his famous Russian Roulette Magic Trick without realising that his wife’s lover had changed the blanks for live ammunition. Ah, such is life! However, on a more cheerful note, our Ching Ling Soo Ballistics each contain a little piece of paper with six numbers written on it. Who knows? If you use them to play the lottery Ching Ling Soo might help it to be YOU!

2 thoughts on “Ching Ling Soo

  1. Wow! Back in the day when lush bath bombs were cheap!! And also with only a few ingredients. I miss these days of lush! Reminds me of my teenage years spent in there 🙂

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