The Godmother

4 out of 5 rating

As in Fairy Godmother 😊This was originally made in 2008 and discontinued around 2011 i think.
Its up for the vote for the September 2021 Lush Kitchen Subscription Box.
The previous incarnation of the Lush Kitchen remade this in 2015.

Its made with the sweet and spicy scent of Candy Fluff/Melting Marshmallow Moments.

Lush 2008 description:,Despite our Ballistics, skincare, haircare and all other wonderful things for our baths showers and bodies, people tend to call Lush “That soap shop”. This is fair, because we do make exceedingly good soaps. We looked into this (technically Pia looked into it and we were all very interested) and found that 68% of people in the UK wash their hands with washing up liquid. Thats just not right. Its not good for your hands. Stop it! Mo, our soap supreme, has made this special soap (scented with our best selling Candy Fluff scent) for keeping by the kitchen sink. Think of it as your fairy godmother for the hands.

Ingredients Water (Aqua) , Palm Free Soap Base, Propylene Glycol , Sodium Coco-Sulfate , Sodium Stearate , Perfume , Synthetic Musk , Glycerine

I like the scent of this soap. The first thing I did was to get the package and before I opened it I could smell the Candy Fluff scent that I love. It’s a fruity, pink, with purole sparkkes and a sweet pink, effervescent smelling fragrance. If you like the Candy Fluff powder, or Marshmellow Melting Moments bath melt you will love this soap.

It’s such a gorgeous color of dark rose pink. The Godmother is not exceptionally drying to my hands nor is it moisturizing , but somewhere in the middle.
I was surprised at how low lathering this soap was. The scent stays on my hands for a goodly while. I did notice that the Godmother lather was minimwl. The Godmother didn’t leave my hands dry.

This was the whole huge truckke of soap in the stores that tgey woukd cut pieces off of for selling.

Candy bubble brush

4 out of 5 rating.

The candy man can

Intro: Ready to brush up on your art skills? Bathing doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just like to paint by numbers, these new #BathArt reusable bubble brushes from Lush’s artful splodgers are sure to make a big splash in your bathroom.

You’ll love this if you like:

– Mint Bubble Brush, Lemon Bubble Brush, and Creamy Candy bubble bar. – Bright pink baths with a candy fluff scent.

– Releasing your inner Picasso and turning bathtime into your own art lesson.


– Cream of tartar creates a super bubbly bath.

– Synthetic musk offers a sweet and lingering fragrance.

How to use: Take your brush and hold under running water to get the bubbles going. When the bath is covered in a blanket of bubbles your canvas awaits! Dip the brush into the water before gliding it over the foam. Dip, flick, stroke and splash, then sit back and relax as you admire your masterpiece.

How to store: Leave your brush to dry on the side ready for your next work of art.

while the re-usable bubble bars are not my favorite…these new bubble brushes are fun. The re-usable consistency lends itself very well to these ‘brushes’ shape.

The Candy bubble brush is my second favorite bubble brush.

Candy bubble brush is made with the Lush ‘Candy Fluff’ scent. synthetic musk is used in this because in order to use real musk the animal is killed.

i like this one because the scent is sweet and nice like some kind of pink candy.

Heres a video i made where i demo all of the bubble brushes including the Pink Candy bubble brush

I can use it by itself to make a pink color or i sometimes like to mix colors as below

Can’t decide which one to go for? As the saying goes – different strokes for different folks, which is why there’s a palette of three colours to Picasso from (but it wouldn’t Erté to try them all). Candy Bubble Brush creates a vibrant pink with a sweet candy fluff scent that will have you coming back for more.

Take your brush and hold under running water to get the bubbles going. When the bath is covered in a blanket of bubbles your canvas awaits! Dip the brush into the water before gliding it over the foam, dip, and flick, stroke, and splash, then sit back and relax as you admire your masterpiece. It might be abstract, it might be modern, it might be a load of Pollocks but whatever it is it’s bound to make a good impression!


List of ingredients

Sodium Carbonate

Cream of Tartar

Sodium Laureth Sulfate


Lauryl Betaine


Synthetic Musk

Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone

Colour 45410

Magic Wand

Magic Wand This is a reusable bubble bar on a stick with the Snow Fairy scent!
Fairies of all ages will love this
candy sweet magic wand. Swish
around your bath or hold under
running water for Snow Fairy-
scented bubbles, then pop it on
the side to dry for next time. Don’t
forget to make a wish!

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate,Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerine,Lauryl Betaine, Perfume,Titanium Dioxide,Cocamide DEA, Synthetic Musk, Methyl Ionone,Benzyl Benzoate, Colour 45410, Colour 17200,Colour 14700

Lush: A reusable bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam. This is a solid version of our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel for those who prefer to bath.

The magic of this version is that you can wave your wand under the water until you have the amount of bubbles you want – then you just stash it somewhere safe to dry off, ready for when you next bath. We’ve included pink ribbon and a bell, because if you are going to wave your wand, then you need some added drama and special effects! You should get several baths from this, depending on how much bubbly magic you want in your bath.  Each one will leave you smelling of candy floss and pear drops. Baths don’t get more yummy or more girly than this.

Here’s a demo and review i made of this beautiful bubble bar in the tub.

Candy Floss Showder

A shower scrubbing powder or ‘Showder’ as Lush calls it. It’s a dry shower scrub of calamine powder and sugar.  This one has the Lush Snowfairy or Candyfluff scent. Its made with vanilla but it also has a bright, fruity smell. Very sweet.


The first time I saw this on the shelves at the first Lush superstore at Oxford Street on opening day in 2014. I thought it was the cutest product ever.  I thought it was such a cute design, it looks like a box of laundry soap.  I had to have one.  A kind young woman got it for me and sent it to me here in the U.S.

Even though theyre all empty now, i still display them. 😊

Also, Lush had four other showders.  One not in the picture below was called ‘Dirty Deal’, which was rose colored and turned purple when the water hit it. So. Freakin. Cool.

My favorite showder however was the ‘Washaccino’.  The lemon was great too.   The life’s a Beach was my least favorite, it was the only one of the four that was made with beach sand as the base, too scrathcy, whereas the others have a powdery soft texture. They all lather.   The washaccino is the lather..iest. And It like washing with silk.

Here’s a video i made of using the Candy Floss Showder on my arm at the sink.

Candy Fluff

Yes. This giant heart bath bomb that im holding is actually this big.

Chase was a Lush employee that the ladies and gents all thought he was cute. 😊

Kiss Chase and the other different Lush Heart shaped boxes are my favorite Lush gift set of all time.

Other Heart shaped box gifts are ‘J Te’ aime, and My favorite heart shaped box the ‘Pink Caroline’ and Honey Bunch

They each had different products tucked in the midde where it was hollowed out a bit. Kiss Chase had a Sex Bomb, a heart shaped Rockstar soap and a Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt.

My favorite was the ‘Pink Caroline’ heart shaped bath bomb box. Ill have to add that to my blog. I STILL have one and its 2022. Yes! Would you like me to take a short vid of it?

Years before these four were sold, Lush made an Icon bath bomb heart, a Flower Market heart bomb, and a Karma heart.

even the Easter giant AvoEgg. These were my favorite Lush gifts.



 My CandyFluff perfume

Lush ‘The Godmother soap

ETA i took off Kim the Carrot because i was wrong. It was Creamy Candy that KTK smells like, not Candy Fluff.

The Lush Calentine’s 2022 ‘Kim the Carrot’ bubble bar is the same scent

Review: Firstly, there is no such regular product as the Lush Candy Fluff bath bomb. Except, in these two Lush holiday gifts; the “Kiss Chase” heart shaped box, and the “Pink Easter Egg” bath bomb. That’s why the pink heart shaped boxes were more popular than the other colors. And that’s why that pink Easter egg was more popular than the other Easter eggs.

Candy Fluff bath bomb smells like Snow Fairy to me, but with a little extra spicy fruity note.

I smell something very fruity at first on the top note , and a bit of buttery goodness in the middle, and then this toasted almond thing as the top note. It’s primarily fruity (really fruity) when dried. This smells wonderful. It’s similar to Creamy Candy but it takes out some of the strong sweet smell and introduces a fruity melony scent. The combination of these scents is so yummy to my nose.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Chamomile Powder (Anthemis nobilis), Marigold Powder), Synthetic Musk, Benzyl Benzoate, Perfume.

Scent Family: The Godmother SoapCandy Fluff Perfume; Melting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt; Snow Fairy Shower Gel; Candy Fluff Dusting Powder, Fluffy Egg