Candy Floss Showder

A shower scrubbing powder or ‘Showder’ as Lush calls it. It’s a dry shower scrub of calamine powder and sugar.  This one has the Lush Snowfairy or Candyfluff scent. Its made with vanilla but it also has a bright, fruity smell. Very sweet.


The first time I saw this on the shelves at the first Lush superstore at Oxford Street on opening day in 2014. I thought it was the cutest product ever.  I thought it was such a cute design, it looks like a box of laundry soap.  I had to have one.  A kind young woman got it for me and sent it to me here in the U.S.

Even though theyre all empty now, i still display them. 😊

Also, Lush had four other showders.  One not in the picture below was called ‘Dirty Deal’, which was rose colored and turned purple when the water hit it. So. Freakin. Cool.

My favorite showder however was the ‘Washaccino’.  The lemon was great too.   The life’s a Beach was my least favorite, it was the only one of the four that was made with beach sand as the base, too scrathcy, whereas the others have a powdery soft texture. They all lather.   The washaccino is the lather..iest. And It like washing with silk.

Here’s a video i made of using the Candy Floss Showder on my arm at the sink.