Turtle jelly bomb

Lush is making available today the ‘Turtle’ jelly bomb. I love it! It’s made in the same pine, Cypress, sandalwood and seaweed scent as their retro ‘Geophyzz’ bath bomb. So cute.

They have little agar agar (seaweed) bits inside them made to look like plastic to represent their plight with ingesting plastic in our oceans from waste.

They are £4.95
here is a link to a video i recorded of it in the tub.

This is a jelly bomb. That means it’s the same kind of bath bomb as the jelly bombs that Lush was making at the time. Many people did not like the jelly bombs. There is a layer of jelly slime that stays on top of the water. It feels nice to me but many folks did not like the texture. Also, it’s a challenge to clean the tub after.

It’s got a very green, earthy scent. Not sweet nor floral, nor citrussy.

Below is a photo i took of both the Baby turtle and Mama turtle.

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